Sydney Office Fit-Out: The Importance of High-Quality Joinery

There are several aspects to a Sydney office fit-out, and keeping track of them can be tough. One component of a fit-out which is often overlooked, but is critical to a functioning workplace, is good quality joinery. 

Quality joinery refers to benches, cabinets, cupboards, and similar items which are of high-quality, installed properly, and ensure you have plenty of storage in your office. Here are just a few reasons why high-quality joinery is essential in a Sydney office fit-out or refurbishment. 

Ample storage is critical

Many office-based businesses have issues with storage; we’ve all seen the rooms stacked with documents, office equipment, unused computers, and much more. However, there is a simple way to solve this problem… quality cabinets with ample storage!

There’s an art to maximising the storage space in your Sydney office, and only an experienced design and construction company can do it right. At Niche Projects, we’re equipped with the knowledge and design-savvy to make the most of your space.

We’ll install dynamic storage solutions while keeping to your chosen office aesthetic. 

Impress your people with stylish design

Good office joinery should seamlessly integrate with the design of your office. Whether you’re going for an industrial design, modern office, vintage, or something else, the best joinery can be the cherry on top… while poor selection can ruin your aesthetic.

Tailored joinery is always a fantastic option and will bring your workspace to life. It can complement any existing aesthetic. It’s particularly handy if you’re only refurbishing one part of your office and need matching joinery that may not be available in-store.

It’s important to ensure that your workplace is constantly impressing. Whether it’s visiting clients, stakeholders, potential new employees, or your existing staff, you should always ensure they find your workplace to be a stylish space. Stylish design will show that you’re a force to be reckoned with in your industry and will aid in recruitment and business relations.

Sustainability, always

Sustainable office design is a common phrase in the industry. But what exactly does this mean? Well, there are a few components to sustainability in office construction. They are:

  • Use of sustainable materials
  • Green construction methods
  • Eco-friendly waste management.

It’s important to keep these three aspects in mind when designing and fitting out a new Sydney office space. At Niche Projects, we’ll ensure that your cabinets are built with the most sustainably sourced materials. What’s more, we always ensure that we use minimal power and other resources throughout the fit-out process.

If we’re conducting a strip-out before we refurbish your Sydney office space, we’ll ensure that your old cabinets and joinery are repurposed or recycled. The beauty of joinery is that it is almost always made up of timber, like chipboard or particle board, which can be easily recycled. 

Professional installation is a must

The benches, cabinets, and cupboards in your office must be installed professionally. If you don’t hire an office refurbishment or fit-out company to install your joinery, you’re asking for trouble. Poorly installed pieces can cause all sorts of problems.

On the other hand, having a professional contractor install your joinery means:

  • You’ll save time
  • It will be done properly, the first time
  • You’ll be saving money – not having to pay twice
  • No damage during installation
  • Health and safety protocols are followed, at all times.

At Niche Projects, we can draw on an immense amount of experience in the office design and construction industry. We’ll use our expertise to ensure your joinery is installed swiftly and safely. What’s more, you’ll be saving money; we’ll do it right the first time.

Discuss your Sydney office fit-out today

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