Sydney Office Refurbishment to Increase Employee Productivity

Businesses should always be looking to increase employee productivity in the office.

Whether that’s by changing small things around the workplace or a professional Sydney office refurbishment, we can help.

We’ve completed numerous office refurbishments and fit-outs, leaving clients all over Sydney more than satisfied.

These are some of the elements that we can improve, to boost your employee productivity.

Natural Elements

We’re always keen to spruik the benefits of natural elements, because the impact they can have on your staff is simply enormous.

When it comes to an office refurbishment, there are plenty of ways to implement natural elements into your workplace.

Plants are a big one. They’re very affordable and come with numerous health benefits. As well as that, countless studies have shown that employees who work in offices that have ample greenery will be happier and less stressed.

That translates into more productive workers, better communication between staff and increased levels of creativity.

Other natural elements that can improve productivity in the office include natural light and better airflow through your space.

Increased light (not too much) will translate into better concentration for your staff, as well as less fatigue and stress. Again, that means better productivity.

At Niche Projects, our office refurbishment professionals can get the best out of your natural light, ensuring productivity is maximised.


Truly sustainable waste management in the office can result in happier employees. This is because the average person is much more conscientious than ever before.

Sustainability in waste management means recycling everything possible and ensuring that you repurpose and reuse what’s possible.

This leads to increased productivity through happier staff, as well as less time spent dealing with rubbish at work.

Colour and Art

The colour scheme in your workplace can have a big impact on the effectiveness of your employees at work.

Certain colours elicit certain responses from your workers. That means that a fresh paintjob can help to boost your employee’s happiness and satisfaction.

Artwork can have a similar effect, improving creativity and communication. All of that results in a more efficient business.

To discuss your office refurbishment, get in touch with Niche Projects here.