Tea Stations in Your Office: The Benefits

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Much like the legendary water cooler, tea or coffee points in your office offer a communal spot for employees to grab a short break.

These installations are especially handy in offices where workers have to trek up or downstairs to the office kitchen.

A professional office fit out company like Niche Projects can fit out tea and coffee points in your office, tailored to your needs.

These stations have a multitude of benefits for your employees, and the positives simply cannot be ignored.


Your employees are the most important part of your business.

Therefore, it’s extremely important that they build connections with one another, like a strong web which holds your business together

When your staff interact positively, it creates a more relaxed working environment. They’ll also communicate more effectively with one another, and creativity will thrive.

Therefore, it’s so important to encourage your workers to build working relationships.


Your employees need consistent breaks, and time away from their computers.

These little breaks will allow them to refresh their minds, and also have a number of physical and mental benefits.

For instance, getting away from the computer helps to avoid issues with eye strain, and posture related problems. Walking around allows your staff to stretch, and aids circulation.

As well as that, a short break allows your employees to forget about their work for a few minutes. This has a great impact on stress, as well as instances of anxiety and depression.

Overall, these benefits combine to make your staff more productive.


Soldiers march on their stomachs, and your staff need just as much sustenance to operate effectively throughout the day.

Whilst your workers should be encouraged to eat regular meals, a couple of breaks for tea or coffee can also be of great benefit to their effectiveness.


As well as tea and coffee, these tea points are equipped with water.

It’s extremely important that your staff remain hydrated throughout the work day. Encouraging them to regularly consume water results in a number of health benefits.

For example, your staff will be more alert and maintain an improved mood. Physical benefits include better digestion, less headaches and better temperature regulation.

When your employees are in great shape, both physically and mentally, they’ll be happier, and better at what they do.

To discuss fitting out tea points in your office, get in touch with Niche Projects here.