The Best Floor Finishes for Your Sydney Office Fit-Out

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A professional Sydney office fit-out will come with plenty of decisions to make.

One of the biggest and most enduring decisions you’ll need to make is which floor finishes you’re going to have in your new workplace.

There are plenty of options and selecting the right one can be a little intimidating.

Therefore, we offer a little insight into the pros and cons of the more common floor finishes for offices in Sydney.

Carpet and Carpet Tiles

If you take a peek into any office in Sydney, chances are the floors will be covered with either carpet or carpet tiles.

This is because carpet has proven itself to be a very affordable, durable and stylish floor finish, year after year.

You can’t really go wrong with placing carpet in the main areas of your workplace. At Niche Projects, we’re ready to help find the perfect carpet for your Sydney office fit-out.


Wooden floors in the office tend to appear in converted warehouses and older buildings.

These sorts of floors, usually hardwood floorboards, will almost always look fantastic. However, wood can be subject to all kinds of wear and tear.

Scratches and moisture are the biggest enemies, and wooden floorboards also need to be polished and cleaned professionally.

Therefore, while wooden floors in the office exude taste, they can be very expensive to install and maintain correctly.

Those are two things you simply must take into account when it comes to Sydney office design.


Vinyl is typically laid in large sheets and it’s a versatile material. It’s also quite affordable and can imitate other finishes, using printed patterns.

The nature of vinyl means it’s very resistant to water and spills, unlike materials such as wood and carpet. That makes it a common floor finish in office kitchens and wet areas.

However, it can look a little sterile and does not carry the same style that comes with other finishes. Style is certainly something that must be considered when it comes to designing your perfect Sydney office.


Polished concrete is clearly the most durable option for floors in the office and usually appears in industrial style workplaces or converted spaces.

However, it must be polished and sealed by the professionals. It is extremely low maintenance and once you’ve had it prepared, won’t incur any additional cost.

The negatives of concrete flooring in your office include poor acoustics, as sound will bounce off of this material easily. That may well contribute to distraction at work.

As well as that, concrete floors will likely contribute to cooling in your office, potentially making the space too cold.

These are all aspects you simply must take into consideration when planning for your Sydney office fit-out.

To discuss office design and your Sydney office fit-out, get in touch with Niche Projects here.