The Importance of Positive Social Interaction in the Workplace

Positive social interaction between the staff in your office is essential for a number of reasons.

Everyone needs to socialise to some degree and your employees are no different. Strong working relationships are better for your business and your staff as a whole.

Here’s how to maximise those social interactions in your Sydney office fit-out.

The Office Kitchen is a Focal Point

The kitchen is arguably the most important part of your office space.

This is the space where your employees will relax and socialise over a drink or meal. It’s so important that your workers can unwind properly.

Moreover, if they can relax and bond together during their breaks, your staff will become closer and form stronger bonds.

Eating and drinking together is a surefire way to strengthen these working relationships.

Therefore, when you complete a Sydney office fit-out, it’s essential you hire a professional office design company like Niche Projects.

We can help design the perfect office kitchen for your business, so that you maximise the social aspect at work for your staff.

Find the Balance Between Isolation and Distraction

Open plan offices place workers in close proximity to one another, where they can easily communicate and socialise.

However, studies have proven that open plan offices come with many downsides, including distraction and increased instances of illness.

On the other hand, employees who are isolated in private offices or cubicles can suffer from lower levels of happiness.

Therefore, it’s important to maintain a balance of socialisation and individual working spaces when designing your office.

This will ensure that you get the very best out of your staff and ensure that socialisation is a part of your Sydney office fit-out.

The Benefits of a Social Office

An office where your employees have a strong social connection will be a much more productive and positive space.

Happiness is contagious in the office, so when staff are closer a positive attitude will catch on and spread among your employees.

The run on effects of that will be a more energetic office space, with more creativity and better communication throughout.

To discuss your Sydney office fit-out, get in touch with Niche Projects here.