The Kitchen: A New Focal Point for Your Office

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The kitchen is an incredibly important part of every office.

In fact, many organisations and designers are comfortable in stating that it’s the most important part of their workplace.

Why? Because it’s all about your people.

For instance, the kitchen is an area where employees can interact, with something other than work on their minds.

Furthermore, in the kitchen, staff from various teams have an opportunity to interact. This fosters stronger working relationships.

It’s also a place where new ideas are formulated and old ideas rejuvenated, in a comfortable and creative setting.

Therefore, more attention is rightly being given to the design of office kitchens. Here are some ways to make the most of your kitchen.

Make it Enticing

In order to attract activity and encourage innovation, your staff must want to spend time in the office kitchen.

Comfort should be a prime consideration, and colour, artwork and special features need to be added. For instance, a modern coffee machine, and perhaps some free fruit or salad.

These little bonuses will help to attract your staff to the kitchen, making it into a hive of social activity.

It Needs to be Functional

The kitchen has to be a functional space.

Ensure that all of your appliances are modern and work well, and are cleaned regularly. Broken or filthy equipment will just frustrate your employees.

As well as that, the furniture in your kitchen needs to be of good quality, promoting comfort and relaxation.

Adaptability is a plus, and means that your kitchen could be used for other purposes. For instance, various collaborative activities like meetings and workshops.

Prioritise Employee Wellbeing

Your kitchen also needs to be designed with the wellbeing of your employees in mind.

For instance, you need to make the most of any natural light available. Add plants, and perhaps some ambient music.

By making your kitchen a relaxing space, you’re offering an area for your workers to have a break and recharge.

As well as that, a relaxed atmosphere is more conducive to creativity, and dynamic thinking.

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