The Top Tips for a Sensational Office Kitchen

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The office kitchen is the most important area in your workplace. Many refer to it as the heart of the home, but it’s also the heart of the office!

Your kitchen is where employees get their sustenance, socialise and have informal meetings. A great office kitchen can increase productivity through happier staff, decrease stress levels, improve creativity and simply provide a comfortable space. It can also promote creativity through chance encounters and improve communication between employees and teams.

This is why you simply must ensure that your office kitchen is well-designed, maximising the potential benefits. Here are our top tips for a sensational Sydney office kitchen.

Take a moment to consider why your kitchen is so important

There is a wealth of research on the impact that good office design can have on your people and therefore, your business. While most of these studies focus on the actual workspace, a number show how a well-designed kitchen can make your office a better place.

Research shows that employees who can eat peacefully and truly enjoy their meal will be much happier at work. Too many office workers eat at their desk, either because they want to save time, or because the kitchen isn’t a pleasant area to eat in. This lends to stress, dissatisfaction with the workspace and lower happiness levels, overall.

A kitchen should impress; there’s a chance that visiting stakeholders or potential recruits will grab a coffee or a cup of tea from your office kitchen and therefore, you will need to make a good impression.

Think about colour

The colours on your walls, the colour of your joinery, and even the colour of your furniture can have a big impact on your workers. There has been much research on the psychology of colour, particularly in the workplace.

For instance, the colour blue has been proven to reduce stress levels. However, blue light energises and disrupts sleeping patterns… so the right balance should be found! Green is great for promoting creativity and alertness, while red stimulates and energises.

Selecting the right colours for your Sydney office kitchen is a true art. But done right, colours can boost morale and signify that your company is vibrant and modern. To get the best results, work with a professional office design company like Niche Projects.

Light is important

Light is an essential component in every single part of your office, including the kitchen. If there’s not enough not light, your employees will suffer ill effects, such as:

  • Eyestrain
  • Lowered mood
  • Poor posture (from leaning to see)
  • Affected sleeping cycles.

Ensuring there is plenty of light goes a long way toward a happier, healthier office kitchen. That means keeping windows clean, refrain from blocking light with large furniture items and if possible, add windows to your space.

Quality finishes and fixtures

Your employees will pay attention to the fixtures and finishes in your kitchen… and these will have an impact on the way they think about their workplace. Alternatively, high-quality fixtures and finishes like taps, benchtops and tiling will impress your staff. And staff who take pride in their workplace will always be happier and more productive.

Selecting the finishes and fixtures for your office kitchen can take time, and is best done by working with a Sydney office design company. At Niche Projects, we utilise our experience and knowledge to advise businesses on the latest designs, ensuring their space is always ready to impress.

Greenery never goes astray

Plants are an asset in any part of the office, including the kitchen. They’re stylish, help to maintain clean air, and help to improve the mood and mental state of your people! So, why don’t you have plants in your office kitchen?

More benefits of plants in the kitchen can include:

  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Boost air quality
  • Improve creativity
  • Impress visitors
  • Reduce minor illness.

The hardest part about selecting plants for your office kitchen is knowing which ones to go with! There are literally thousands of plants to choose from, which is why you should work with a Sydney office fit-out company. We’ll help you select the best plants for your office kitchen, allowing you to enjoy the benefits.

Ask your employees

Employee engagement is so important when it comes to redesigning your office. After all, they’ll be the ones spending the most time there! Too many organisations fail to ask their employees what they want to see in their new space. As a result, employee satisfaction levels fall and in the end, their work can suffer.

On the other hand, asking staff to contribute ideas toward a refurbishment will promote happiness, as well as trust between staff and management. A worker who sees their ideas come to life (so long as they add to the space) will be a happy worker. As a result, your people will be happier and more productive.

Work with the pros 

If you’re redesigning or refurbishing your office kitchen, you simply must work with a professional Sydney office design and office fit-out company. At Niche Projects, we’ve designed and fitted out kitchens for businesses all over Sydney… and we always deliver exceptional results. 

Trying to design a new office kitchen and manage the project yourself is a recipe for disaster. You’ll probably go over budget, over time, and may be putting people at risk of injury. On the other hand, working with a professional contractor will ensure that everything runs as it should. That’ll allow you to focus on what you do best!

To discuss your Sydney office kitchen refurbishment and redesign, get in touch with Niche Projects here.