The Ultimate Guide to Office Interior Design

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Creating the perfect office is no easy feat. There are many components that need to work well together, and an experienced office design company is a must. At Niche Projects, we’re experts in office interior design. We work with all kinds of businesses, creating comfortable, productive commercial workspaces in Sydney.

In this article, we’ve created the ultimate guide to office interior design. We’ve put together all of our knowledge and insights about design. We’ve included our best practices, tips and tricks, so that you are as prepared as possible when it comes to designing your office. And if you have any further questions, we’d love to hear from you.

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What is office interior design?

Office interior design is the process of creating a workplace that is productive and improves the wellbeing of your employees. Great design will create a more functional workplace that enhances performance and delivers a more user-friendly experience for workers and clients. If you are able to create a place where people are happy to work, that’s a win.

Office interior design consists of a number of different elements. Each of these elements will influence the functionality and aesthetics of your workplace, either positively or negatively. It’s essential that you carefully consider each part of your office interior design, and how your people and clients will interact with it.

In summary, office interior design is creating an office that enhances productivity, provides a great user experience, and promotes better employee wellbeing.

What are the main elements of interior design?

Office design and construction includes a number of important elements. Each of these need to be carefully chosen or optimised, to deliver the most effective and attractive workplace. We’ll take a closer look at each of them below.


Lighting is one of the most important aspects of any commercial workspace. It directly affects employees in a number of ways and will have an impact on productivity, health, and workplace satisfaction. Quality lighting solutions create a more efficient and relaxed environment. On the other hand, poor lighting can cause a range of health problems, as well as increased stress.

Maximise natural lighting

The best type of light is always natural light. Making the most of the light that flows through your windows improves your peoples’ mood and helps them to maintain a better sleep cycle. But we know that not every office is blessed with floor to ceiling windows. The good news is that there are lighting options that can have some of the same effects as natural light. More on that later.

What does great office lighting look like?

Lighting in the office needs to be bright enough that your employees aren’t experiencing eye-strain, but not too harsh. Soft lighting is a great option. In essence, it needs to be functional – your workers require the right amount of light to complete their work in a productive and efficient environment. Anything less and it will impact their ability to complete tasks successfully. Poor lighting will also impact employee morale and mental health.

The best office lighting options

The best option is smart LED lighting that can be easily adjusted depending on the time of the day and employee preferences. Smart lighting systems can also offer the ability to swap between warmer lighting and cooler lighting. Each of these options has benefits; warmer lighting is better for relaxing, while cool lighting keeps your people on-task and promotes concentration.

On top of these benefits, LED lighting is better for the environment, as it conserves much more energy than other lighting options. Smart lighting is even better, because it will automatically shut off when your office is not being used. At Niche Projects, we’ve installed smart, efficient lighting systems for a range of Sydney businesses.


The floors in your office play a critical role in the functionality of your space. They’re also essential in terms of aesthetic appeal. The material and colour you choose for your floors will be a vital part of your interior design scheme, so it needs to be the right pick. Your flooring truly sets the visual tone of a workplace.

The right style

There are many different types of office flooring to choose from. Carpet and carpet tiles are the most common materials used, by a long shot. Even these offer up a huge range of colours and patterns. Therefore, it’s important to consider the entire colour scheme of your new workplace. If you’re opting for simple shades, you can’t go wrong with a dark blue or black. Lighter colours also tend to show up dirt and stains, so darker shades have an edge.

Polished concrete is increasingly common these days, thanks to the rise of industrial-style offices. Many converted warehouses and factories already come with a concrete floor, or polished hardwood. This lends to the industrial aesthetic, and additional floor coverings aren’t really necessary.

Comfort and functionality

Most office floors will see a large volume of foot traffic throughout the working week. Therefore, it’s important to choose a material that is durable. After all, you should be getting your money’s worth out of the finishes in your office space. At Niche, we can help you choose the right carpet tiles, tiles, or timber laminate flooring to best suit your space.

Acoustics must also be considered when choosing the best flooring for your workplace. When sound travels around your workplace, a good portion of it will hit the floor. When it does, it’s important that your floor is not deflecting the sound and causing it to spread. Instead, it should be absorbing as much of the noise as possible.

Floor finishes that have acoustic properties are ideal for offices. For example, carpet or carpet tiles will be much better for reducing noise distraction than polished concrete or ceramic tile. If your office contains concrete or hardwood floors, rugs and carpets can help eliminate any issues with noise.

Safety is essential

Slip-resistant flooring is a must in any office. This is especially the case in your wet areas, such as your office kitchens and your bathrooms. Tiles should have the correct slip rating, to reduce the chance of a slip and fall injury as much as possible. If the floors in your main office are polished concrete, you’ll also need to take steps to reduce this hazard.


The walls in your workplace play an important role in a number of design aspects, including storage, branding and company identity, acoustics, and employee productivity. They can be one of the most useful and dynamic areas of your office, if the interior design is done properly.

Aesthetics and artwork

There will be a number of design choices that need to be made when it comes to walls. Colour is the primary element – most offices elect for white or light cream walls, and for good reason. These shades help to keep your workplace nice and bright, while not overawing workers and clients with vibrant colours like red or blue.

However, it can pay to have some colour on your walls. The right colours will provide a boost to the creativity and focus of your people, which is an important consideration. It’s true that too much colour can be overwhelming, but a feature wall here or there can work wonders and break up the monotony of the rest of your walls. 

Art in your office can really provide meaningful inspiration and a boost of creativity for your staff. However, it’s essential to choose the right pieces. There’s nothing worse than something that sticks out for all the wrong reasons. Consider your branding and company profile, and choose artwork that resonates with that. Subtle pieces without too much colour usually best.

Storage solutions

Storage is essential in any busy office environment. Without storage, you can quickly find your workplace cluttered with all sorts of electronics, stationary, paperwork, and more. Wall storage is a must – it offers space that is otherwise unused, where shelving can be fixed, or narrow stage units can be placed. Look for dead wall space in your office and utilise it for storage.

Many office struggle to find adequate storage, and fail to use their walls to their advantage. We’ve designed a multitude of savvy storage solutions for companies all over Sydney. We can sit down with you, discuss your storage needs, and make use of dynamic solutions. Walls are often at the forefront of the quest to find better storage.

Acoustic control

Similar to floors, walls have the ability to contribute positively or negatively to acoustic design in your workplace. Walls can be designed and covered with acoustic materials to minimize noise, which creates a quieter and more efficient working environment. Acoustic panels, fabric-covered wall systems, and sound-absorbing materials are all available and effective solutions.

We fully understand the importance of good acoustics in the office. At Niche Projects, we source a range of high–quality acoustic products for our clients, to ensure that their workplace is as productive as possible.  


Your employees will spend the majority of their day sitting in office chairs, at their workstation. Therefore, furniture is another crucial element in office interior design. It needs to be functional and must always promote good ergonomics, so that the wellbeing of your people is cared for. Furniture also needs to fit your ideal aesthetic. 

The right workstations and chairs

Workstations must be functional for your employees. They must be easy to use, and not inhibit your workers in any way. There must be adequate space for computers and other necessary items, and the workstations must be at the perfect height for your employees. Adjustable desks and workstations are ideal, but can be a little more expensive.

Ergonomics are essential at all times. This means that furniture should always support and promote the wellbeing of your employees. We can help you select high-quality desks and chairs for your office, which will ensure your employees are properly supported throughout the workday. 

Visually pleasing pieces of furniture

The desks and chairs that work best for a modern, minimalist office might not be the best fit for an industrial-style workplace. Therefore, while aesthetically pleasing furniture might not be the number one consideration, you ensure your pieces aren’t sticking out like a sore thumb. Good-looking workstations and chairs will go a long way toward impressing clients and employees.

Why is good office interior design important?

Great office interior design is a must for a range of reasons. We touched on most of them above, but let’s reiterate. Quality design means:

  • A more productive working environment
  • Happier employees who have higher workplace-satisfaction.
  • Healthier employees, who experience less work-related stress.
  • An aesthetically pleasing workplace.
  • Improved workplace standards.

The best way to exacerbate these benefits is to work in conjunction with an expert office design and fit-out company. At Niche Projects, we’re always ready to help.

What makes a good office design company?

If you’re looking for an office interior design contractor, there are a few things you should consider when choosing. Reviews are essential, because they give you a good understanding of the company’s past performance. Their knowledge base is critical too – does the contractor have a website where they share their office design knowledge and insights?

Pricing is an important point, but not the most important. You should source a few different quotes for your project and find the right middle point. This will give you an idea of what is too expensive, and which companies might be too cheap. At Niche Projects, we balance quality with affordability, delivering exceptional outcomes every time. 

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