The Ultimate Guide to Plants in Your Sydney Office

No office is complete without a good amount of greenery.

Plants are an extremely affordable addition to your Sydney office fit-out and the benefits they offer are endless.

Here’s our guide to choosing plants for your office space.

The Benefits

First of all, we know that the benefits to having plenty of greenery in your Sydney office space are enormous.

Most notable is the impact plants can and will have on your employees. Even just looking at plants will lower stress levels in your office and increase mood.

And when it comes to the physical health of your staff, plants are the superstars you need in your Sydney office fit-out.

Busy offices with plenty of workers packed in will inevitably produce a lot of carbon dioxide. Especially as very few offices have natural airflow.

Thankfully though, plants will eat up these chemicals and produce more oxygen for your office space.

That results in less fatigue for your workers, less headaches, healthier lungs and overall, healthier employees.

For your business, this has many other benefits, including boosted productivity and attention span from your staff.

What They Require

It’s important to consider what plants really require to flourish in an office environment.

We all know that plants require water – that’s a given. Most types also require some sunlight, so you’ll need to make sure they are placed appropriately.

At Niche Projects, our experience in office design means we know exactly how to implement plants into your office space.

We’ll ensure that you get the very best out of these very helpful biophilic friends.

Which Plants?

The best plants for the office are often those that don’t require a lot of upkeep.

In an office, that can often be plants that are native to a tropical or subtropical climate. This is because many of these plants grow in places where they don’t have a lot of access to sunlight.

That makes them a great option for offices.

Succulents are another good option and are very low maintenance plants. While they may not be as big as other types, they always look great.

At Niche Projects, we can help you select the very best plants for your Sydney office space, maximising the benefits on offer.

To discuss implementing plants into your Sydney office fit-out, get in touch with Niche Projects here.