This is How to Make Your Sydney Office More Productive in October 2022

The quest for the most productive workplace possible is never-ending. Every year, more and more research is conducted into what makes the most efficient office, and trends are continuing to change. Then, there are societal factors and events which impact workplace design and shape the needs of people and businesses.

At Niche Projects, we’ve completed countless office design and office fit-out projects in Sydney, for a wide range of clients. We understand the needs of different businesses, and how best to make a more productive workplace. What’s more, we ensure that we remain in touch with the latest trends so that we can deliver the best results to our clients.

Here are some of the ways to make your Sydney office more productive in 2022.

The office kitchen is the heart of your workplace

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home. But did you know that it serves the same purpose in the office? In fact, a well-designed office kitchen has been proven to lift employee morale and thereby improve productivity and efficiency in the workplace. Even more than that, a quality kitchen in the workplace improves happiness, reduces stress and promotes creative conversations.

While all of these benefits are excellent for any workplace, crafting the perfect office kitchen for your workplace isn’t as easy as it sounds. In fact, trends in office kitchens are changing at a rate of knots, particularly when it comes to stylistic choices. However, at Niche Projects, we fully understand what makes a great kitchen, ensuring that your people and your business reap the rewards.

Light, layout, and more

First of all, your office kitchen must have ample light. None of your employees will want to spend any time at all in a dark, dank kitchen… and it will likely become a topic of mutual frustration around the workplace. What’s more, the furniture that you do provide should be aesthetically pleasing, but most importantly, comfortable. This should be a place where your people can relax, and that won’t happen if your chairs aren’t pleasant to sit in.

The layout of your office kitchen is also critical. Your people must be able to navigate the space with ease, and without constantly bumping into other staff members. There must also be adequate seating space, and if possible, both quiet and group areas. This ensures that you are meeting the needs of the different people in your workplace. And that they are able to use the kitchen for more than just eating and drinking.

Plants are always in vogue

It’s 2022 and plants remain an essential part of any productive workplace. We mention plants in most of our articles on Sydney office design, simply because they are very affordable additions to any workplace, but come with enormous upside. That upside includes a net gain on productivity.

The benefits of integrating plants into your office design include:

  • Greenery helps to control noise and reduce sound pollution in your office. This results in less distraction for your staff and therefore, they can get on with their work.
  • Plants have been proven to reduce instances of sickness in the office, meaning staff experience fewer sick days overall. They’ll also be healthier in general, which is an excellent result.
  • Implementing plants in your office will reduce stress among your employees. Research has shown that simply looking at plants throughout the day relaxes your people, making it easier for them to remain focused.
  • Creativity also surges when plants are placed throughout your workplace! Numerous reports have studied this phenomenon and have found that greenery really gets the creative juices flowing.
  • Most importantly, plants have been proven to improve productivity overall, when placed in an office that previously had very few to no plants.

These benefits show that placing plants in your Sydney office fit-out is simply a no-brainer. They will directly contribute to creating a more productive workplace, along with a healthier environment for you and your people.

Think about partitions

Office partitions are one of the most dynamic tools available to every business. Fixed partitions can be installed quickly and easily, enabling you to create new rooms and spaces within your office. On the other hand, moveable partitions are an incredibly flexible feature that can allow you to form various working areas for your people.

For example, with moveable office partitions, you can comfortably form quiet working areas for your employees. You may also build collaborative areas for open discussion, while using partitions to muffle noise and reduce potential distraction. In the end, this results in improved levels of productivity for your people.

Now, in 2022, there are more office partition solutions available than ever before. At Niche Projects, we have unrivalled market knowledge and understanding of the materials available. Therefore, if you’re considering an office fit-out for productivity, we’re ready to help.

Never underestimate the power of an office fit-out

On a larger scale, a fresh Sydney office fit-out can work wonders for your business and your people. In 2022, we’re steering away from the traditional open-plan office, which has been shown to increase stress levels, create frustration among employees and negatively impact productivity. Trends are heading more toward a balance of open-plan and closed off spaces for quiet working.

We fully understand the need for different spaces for different people. And every single office is different, so we work closely with businesses to ensure that their fresh fit-out is perfectly catering to all parts of their operation. By ensuring such a close, careful approach, we always deliver exceptional results for our clients. They then reap the benefits of more productive people, and a stronger bottom line.

Office redecoration can work wonders

Sydney office redecoration is usually a service reserved for the end of a commercial lease, when the departing tenants must return the office to good condition. However, a redecoration can also work wonders for productivity, especially if your office is looking a little tired or worse for wear. And in 2022, where there are fewer people in the office and more flexibility, it’s easier to conduct an office redecoration without it affecting your business operations.

This type of project usually involves a fresh lick of paint, perhaps some fresh floor finishes, and whatever else needs a makeover. Results have shown that time and time again, a fresh office redecoration actually boosts the morale of your employees and increases productivity levels within the workplace. And it’s a much more simple, cost-effective way to keep your office fresh.

Sydney office design

At Niche Projects, we offer exceptional office design and fit-out services for businesses of all sizes. If you’re trying to boost productivity in your Sydney office, we can help. Simply get in touch with us today for a free consultation. We can’t wait to hear from you!