This is the Impact that Poor Lighting Can Have on Your Staff

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An office with poor lighting inevitably gives off a poor first impression.

It can then affect your business and the functionality and efficiency of your operations. However, most importantly, poor lighting can have a terrible impact on your staff.

Here’s how it can affect your staff, and how best to avoid that problem.

It Affects the Mental Health of Your Staff

A study by the UK company Staples found that 80% of office workers said that good lighting was important to them.

Moreover, 32% said that better lighting would make them happier at work.

Unfortunately, a lack of light in the workplace is having a huge impact on the mood of office workers, and their mental health.

This contributes to missed days at work, as well as reduced efficiency and creativity at work. The most important thing though, is obviously the wellbeing of your staff.

Therefore, you must take measures to ensure the mental health of your employees is always a priority.

Poor Lighting Contributes to Other Problems

As well as negatively impacting mental health, poor lighting in the office can cause a host of other problems for your staff.

For instance, eyestrain is rife in offices with poor lighting. This causes headaches and potentially long-term damage to sight.

Poor lighting in your Sydney office can also cause neck and back strain from leaning forward to better see due to poor light.

Moreover, it can make trip and fall accidents more likely. Therefore, to avoid these issues, ensure the lighting in your office is as good as can be.

So, How Do You Avoid These Problems?

Lighting is such an important part of every single Sydney office design and fit-out project.

At Niche Projects, we always ensure that lighting is taken into careful consideration when designing your Sydney office.

We’ll assess the impact of lighting fixtures, how many are required as well as the type of lighting that should be installed.

As well as this, it’s essential to maximise the natural light in your office. We’re able to do this through savvy office design.

That ensures the best possible result for your staff and your business.

To discuss optimal lighting for your Sydney office fit-out, get in touch with Niche Projects here.