This is the Only Guide You Need for Selecting the Best Furniture for Your Sydney Office (Part 2)

The chairs, workstations, storage units and other furniture pieces are such an integral part of the functionality of your office.

Therefore, you simply must select the best pieces for your business when redesigning or completing a Sydney office fit-out.

You’ll reap wonderful benefits with great quality office furniture, so it’s such an important consideration.

Here are some more tips on how to select the best furniture for your Sydney office.


Will your new office furniture be easy to clean?

Certain materials and fabrics will be far easier to clean then others. Some will collect all sorts of lint and dust, contributing to an unhealthy space for your workers.

Therefore, it’s essential to consider cleanliness when selecting desks and chairs.

It’s especially important in this day and age, as we do everything we can to eliminate the coronavirus and create healthier and safer workplaces.


There’s no point in purchasing new office furniture for your business if it’s going to take up too much space in your office.

Therefore, size is another important consideration.

Hiring a professional office design company means that you’re in safe hands. We’ll help you optimise the layout of your office, making sure your furniture fits perfectly.

Moreover, we’ll ensure you select the best sized workstations, storage units and seating for your unique Sydney office space.


When we think about office furniture, we have to consider needs.

What sort of furniture do your staff need? Is informal better, with benches and casual seating styles? Or do you need sturdy, high-tech seating options?

One good way to consider the needs of your staff is to maintain an open dialogue with them about what they want.

This will help you maintain a happy workplace and a strong sense of trust between workers and upper management.


At Niche Projects, sustainability is always part of what we do.

That means that we carefully select materials for our Sydney office fit-out projects. For example, eco-friendly materials like wood, stone and wood laminate are great for floor finishes.

When it comes to furniture, we can help you source chairs, workstations and other pieces that are either recycled, or very recyclable.

Therefore, our commitment to sustainability helps to ensure your business is having a positive impact on the environment.

To discuss your Sydney office design and fit-out, get in touch with Niche Projects here.