This is What We’ll Take When We Relocate Your Sydney Office

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An office relocation project is a huge undertaking, with plenty to think about.

It’s essential you hire a professional office relocation company to handle the project for you. This will come with plenty of benefits, including a more thorough move and less chance of financial obstacles.

At Niche Projects, we’ve dealt with plenty of office relocation projects for businesses all around Sydney. But what exactly do we shift?


Workstations and desks are some of the most difficult items to move, even when you’re just moving them around in your existing office!

Thankfully, our highly trained staff will make short work of your workstations.

We’ll be able to disassemble them where necessary, and move them out of your existing office, swiftly and safely.

Moreover, once we take these items to your new office, we’ll be able to reassemble them.

Chairs and Couches

We’ll also take all of your desk chairs, couches and other seating.

The chairs in your office will probably be numerous and can cause headaches when moving, because of their awkward shape.

However, at Niche Projects, we’ll ensure your chairs are removed and relocated quickly, safely and in perfect condition.

Storage Units

Storage units are bulky and can be a headache to move.

Moreover, the files in your storage units need to be packed away in plastic containers, which we are equipped with.

Once the files are removed, we’ll be able to disassemble your storage and compactus units, meaning no headache for you!

Computers and Electronics

Computers and other electronic hardware in your office are some of the most fragile items that need to be moved.

At Niche Projects, we take absolute care when we pack and move your computers, printers, scanners and other items.

Our staff are highly trained and know to be very careful with these items, and our moving containers are sturdy.

Therefore, when you hire Niche Projects for your Sydney office relocation project, you know you’re in safe hands.

To discuss a Sydney office relocation project for your business, get in touch with Niche Projects here.