This is Why Plants in the Office are Even More Important after COVID-19

Office based businesses must look for even more ways to maintain a healthy workplace in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.

One fantastic and affordable method is implementing more greenery into your workspace.

The benefits of plants are immense and go a long way to helping your staff stay healthy. Here’s why you should take advantage of them when completing your Sydney office fit-out.

Reduce Stress Levels

Plants are an excellent way to help lower stress levels in the office.

Stress is one of the biggest causes of illness, affecting the immune system and making your employees more susceptible to virus like COVID-19.

Moreover, stressed employees will be far less productive.

Therefore, you simply must do what you can to reduce stress in your workplace. Do this by implementing plants into your Sydney office fit-out.

Promote Cleaner Air

A Norwegian study of the effects of plants in the office was conducted in 1995-96 and had some remarkable results.

For example, the cleaner air provided by plants reduced fatigue by 30%, cough by 37% and dry throat by 25%.

These benefits combine to make a far more pleasant working environment for your staff, and greatly reduce the impact of illness.

Therefore, it’s essential that you consider the impact of plants on your air quality, when planning a Sydney office fit-out.

Attract New Talent

Businesses thrive on the talent that they attract. Therefore, it’s important that your office design is helping to bring the very best workers to your business.

Plants have been proven to make an office a far more attractive workspace, which is sure to impress clients and potential talent.

It’s also a very affordable way to make your office look a million bucks, and sure to help your organisation attract the very best.

Happier Employees

Research has shown time and time again that plants in the office have a strong influence on the happiness of your workers.

Biophilia, which is our need to connect with nature, receives a great boost when you place plenty of plants in the office.

This in turn will lead to happier and more productive employees… a crucial outcome when completing a fit-out for your Sydney office.

Better Acoustics

Plants are a fantastic way to help muffle unwanted noise in the office.

Noise pollution can be a killer, contributing to fatigue, illness and stress. Moreover, error rates increase exponentially with unwanted interruption.

Therefore, you must consider the acoustic properties of plants in the constant battle against illness in the office.

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