This is Why Your Sydney Office Fit-Out Should Make Employees Feel at Home

Employees spend so much time at the office that it almost becomes a second home. This can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on the nature of your workspace, as well as the way your people are actually completing their work. 

A home should be equal parts comfortable, conducive to productivity, and a place that allows for fantastic social interactions. And an office should be no different! So, how can you ensure that your Sydney office fit-out makes your workers feel like they are at home?

Key elements in the home that can be implemented in the office

Creating a homely office will require integrating elements from the home, into your workplace. By creating this truly homely atmosphere, you’ll be reaping all the benefits of a more comfortable space… and your workers will thank you for it.


The last five years have seen the popularity of plants in the office skyrocket and for good reason. Research has shown that plants in the workplace can have an enormously positive impact on staff, which then translates into business benefits. 

These benefits for staff include:

  • Reduction of stress levels while at work (and at home!)
  • Improved health and fewer instances of minor illnesses like cold and flu
  • Less background noise, as plants have great acoustic benefits
  • Cleaner air in the workplace
  • They look fantastic.

Implementing plants into your workplace can and will help to make your office feel more like home. In turn, your staff will experience a wide array of benefits which will combine to make them more productive and even happier at work.

Lounge areas

The lounge room is an important part of any home, providing a space to kick back and relax. You’ll probably have couches, comfortable chairs, a coffee table, and myriad other furniture. There are also other elements like good lighting, plants, and colour that lend to a more relaxing lounge room, where you can recharge your batteries.

So, why not provide a similar space in the office? The benefits have been proven time and time again; comfortable breakout spaces that offer quality furniture and a place for employees to either recharge or work quietly, are a fantastic asset for your business. It also creates that feeling of home, where staff can properly unwind.

Open plan, well-equipped kitchens

If the lounge room is the heart of the home, the kitchen is its soul, providing sustenance, social interactions, and relaxation. Providing your staff with a very well-designed kitchen, equipped with everything they need (and more) goes a long way towards creating a happier workforce.

Great office kitchen design is a process that requires a professional Sydney office design company so that you get the most out of your space. At Niche Projects, we’ve designed functional, pleasing, and relaxing office kitchens for businesses all over Sydney. The results speak for themselves; happier employees and stronger social bonds between workers.

Your staff will be more satisfied with their workplace if your office kitchen is up to standard, and these positive feelings will permeate throughout your business. 

Art and decor

Did you know that art and decor in the office can also help create a more homely vibe? That includes paintings and prints, along with water features, colour schemes, and much more. In fact, there has been plenty of research to show that colour and other decorative elements have a psychological impact on your employees.

For instance, this study undertaken by fellows at three different universities found that colour in the workplace does have a significant impact on mood, well-being, and performance. The colour blue was associated with feelings of calm and stress relief, while yellow is often found to stimulate the mind.

However, some colours can have a negative impact or simply become too much if they are used too frequently. Red is one example; if there is too much red present in your office space, it can cause over-stimulation. This is because the colour red has been associated with increased heart rate and respiration.

Therefore, it’s important to carefully consider the colours in your Sydney office fit-out. Certain colours can be conducive to a homely, relaxing space… while others should only be used sparingly. If you’re considering artwork, simple pieces that exude relaxed vibes are best for creating a more relaxed and productive atmosphere.

Other homely features

A few other features come to mind when we think of a comfortable home. That includes scent, comfortable furniture, and even music.

A subtle scent in the office can work wonders for stress levels and the mood of your workers. Incense might be a step too far (it depends on your office, of course), but a diffuser can be a great way to spread a pleasant smell throughout your workplace.

Comfortable furniture will go a long way towards making your staff feel cosier at work, particularly if they elect to work in a quiet space, on a couch, or in your office kitchen. Working with a professional Sydney office design and fit-out company like Niche Projects is the surest way to make sure the furniture in your office is creating a more homely space.

Music may or may not be an option in your workplace. But if it is, a carefully curated playlist can work wonders for your staff. We all love putting on some music at home, whether that’s while we’re cooking dinner, getting ready to go out, or just relaxing on the couch. Good music can stimulate us, relax us and make us more creative… and that’s no different in the office.

What are the benefits of applying homely touches to your Sydney office design?

It only required a few deft touches to turn your office into a homely, comfortable space. What’s more, there are plenty of benefits to doing so, as we’ve touched on above. These include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Happier employees
  • Higher levels of productivity in your office
  • More creativity
  • Less stress and better mental health
  • Better communication between people.

If you’re considering adding some homely touches to your Sydney office fit-out, get in touch with Niche Projects today. We’re ready to help.