Understanding Acoustics in Your Office

One important, but often underappreciated aspect of office design, is acoustics.

However, ignore acoustics at your peril.

They can have an immense effect on the productivity and stress levels of your staff, if measures aren’t taken to reduce noise in your office.

In fact, some studies have found that approximately 53% of workers are regularly distracted by unwelcome noise.

And this distraction comes with serious implications for your business; increased error rates, a drop in efficiency and a drop in the mood of your staff.

Fortunately, there are ways to reduce the impact of noise in your office. Therefore, here are some things to consider throughout the design stage your fit out.

The Effect of Finishes

One of the best ways to reduce noise in your office is the selection of finishes.

This can include floor finishes, wall finishes and ceiling finishes. Certain materials can cause sound to bounce and carry across your office space, increasing distraction.

On the other hand, other types of materials can suppress and absorb noise, helping to create a quieter and more relaxed space.

For instance, concrete and hardwood can exacerbate the impact of noise, while carpet can help to reduce it, by absorbing sound.

Looking up, ceiling panels are a great way to aid noise suppression. This commonly seen material absorbs plenty of the sound produced by a bustling office.

On the contrary, exposed ceilings (common in industrial design), cause sound to bounce and echo, making the problem worse.

Design for Better Acoustics

It’s a fact that open plan offices create far more noise distractions than any other layout.

For this reason, this style of layout is slowly becoming less popular in the world of design. The impact of noise is no joke, and it must be considered when designing your space.

However, if an open plan office is your preference, there are still ways to improve the acoustics and reduce distractions for your workers.

For example, utilise partitions and plants. Both of these are great at absorbing noise, and for preventing it from carrying across your office.

Furthermore, bookshelves are another way to effectively (and stylishly) reduce noise pollution after an office fit out.

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