Virtual Receptionists… The Future?

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Technology can make life much easier, as evidenced by how far office based work has advanced in the past decade.

For instance, cutting-edge AV equipment, cloud based storage and cybersecurity are all extremely useful features of modern offices.

Whilst the benefits of these advances are undeniable, the jury is still out on some forms of tech. One of these is the use of virtual receptionists.

Commonly, this involves only a phone based operating system, where these receptionists take calls and book appointments.

However, some businesses are trialing screen-based receptionists.

These are staff who work from a remote location, but interact with customers or clients who visit the business, through screens placed in a reception area.

There are a number of benefits to this system, but also some concerning negatives.



Employing a virtual receptionist is more cost-effective than a live employee, and this is the main reason that they are being considered as a viable option.

For instance, some virtual receptionist providers estimate that businesses can save over twenty thousand dollars each year, per employee replaced.

That is an immense benefit to the bottom line of any business.


Virtual receptionists can perform a range of tasks effectively.

In fact, they can answer calls, integrate with systems remotely, schedule appointments and welcome and communicate with visitors.



As human beings, we generally communicate best in person, face to face.

Customers or clients arriving at an office want to be warmly greeted by a friendly face. This is the case, even more so for potential new employees, who might be arriving for an interview.

These kinds of interactions, before or after a visit, leave a fantastic impression on people. Unfortunately, it’s not something that can be genuinely replicated with a virtual assistant.

Unable to Help Physically

If something happens in the office that needs addressing, virtual assistants can only call on someone else to help.

Therefore, this can end up being less cost-effective, and less effective for the security of your office based business.

For instance, it may include emergency maintenance, or even helping an ill person.

Technical Issues

Technology is fantastic… most of the time.

However, there’s always the ever-present risk of technical problems with your virtual receptionist.

Perhaps there’s an issue with the communication software, or if the receptionist is screen based, an issue with the actual display.

When this happens, it costs time and money to have it fixed, and can potentially negatively impact the reputation of your business.

In conclusion, nothing beats the effectiveness of a real-life interaction with a receptionist. To give your reception area an edge, get in touch with Niche Projects here.