Welcome to the Jungle: The Immense Value of Plants in the Office

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Plants are a common feature in many offices around Sydney. However, as prevalent as they might be, plants are still under utilised.

Adding greenery to your Sydney office space can come with huge benefits. Moreover, it’s much more affordable than other changes that you might be compelled to make.

The benefits will impact your business, as well as your workers, clients and anyone else visiting your office space.

Here are just a few of those benefits, and how they are helping your organisation.

Improved Air Quality

It’s common knowledge that the only reason we survive on earth is because plants turn carbon dioxide into valuable oxygen.

And the same goes for the air in offices.

When you place plenty of plants in your Sydney office space, you’ll be having a fantastic impact on the quality of the air in your space.

These plants will take the carbon dioxide that your staff produce as they work throughout the day and turn it into clean oxygen.

Greenery will also help to neutralise other nasty elements that float around your office, including chemicals emanating from plastic chairs and workstations.

Considering these particles can irritate your workers’ skin, airways and eyes, that’s a big win.

Visually Pleasing

Creating an attractive office space is a key consideration for every Sydney office fit-out.

Many businesses and Sydney office design companies are now ensuring that they have plants in their space to provide a visually pleasing space.

This makes for a much more presentable workplace for visitors and staff. In fact, looking at plants can lead to better levels of creativity for your workers.

Better Mental Health

Research has proven time and time again that workers who spend time looking at plants and other natural elements report better levels of mental health.

The mental health of your workers is more important than ever and it’s essential that your workplace always promotes better mental health.

By providing plenty of plants in the office, you’ll help to boost the mood of your most important asset: your staff.

Natural Acoustics

Acoustics in the office can be a serious issue, especially if you utilise an open plan design.

Thankfully, you don’t need to think about installing stud walls when you have plants on offer. In fact, their acoustic properties are excellent.

They’ll absorb all manner of sound while looking excellent. That means that you’ll reap all sorts of benefits when you use plants to improve the acoustics in your office.

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