What Does the Future of Sydney Office Design Hold?

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The field of office design is constantly changing, with new trends appearing regularly.

For example, research into productivity, employee wellbeing and other aspects of office life is constantly ongoing. New findings are constantly influencing design across Sydney.

Moreover, it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly where the future of office design will go as we look to the next decade.

However, we have an idea of some of the aspects of design that we think will become more common at Niche Projects.

Here are a few of them.

Smart Offices

Smart offices and digital technology are at the forefront of office design.

To create a truly smart workplace, you need to integrate cutting-edge technology, such as total connectivity for your staff.

Moreover, voice activated electronics, digital security, touch free doors and ease of remote communication are all must haves in a smart office.

You simply must work with a Sydney office design company if you want to ensure that your office is well poised to become a smart workspace.

Intergenerational Workspaces

There’s now more focus than ever on the different working and thinking styles of older generations and younger generations.

For example, as the baby boomers continue to retire, the focus is on Gen X, Millennials (Gen Y) and the newest generation, Gen Z.

It’s essential that a workplace caters for the needs of each of these generations. These needs are mostly in terms of relationships with technology, which vary from generation to generation.

If certain age groups feel alienated by the way your office is set up, a number of negatives will occur. This includes dissatisfaction in the workplace, a drop-in productivity and increase in mental health issues.

More offices will look to negate these negative effects over the next decade with savvy office design and office fit-outs.

At Niche Projects, we’re waiting to help.

Increasing Flexibility

Flexibility in the office is only set to increase in the near future.

With research spruiking the benefits of flexible working time and time again, any business that isn’t implementing more of this into their workspace is getting left behind.

We now understand that every worker operates differently, and that every staff member should be given a chance to thrive.

This is what occurs with flexible working, and your business must consider this approach for its next office refurbishment.

Biophilic Elements

Natural elements in the office have a huge number of benefits.

When it comes to plants, natural light, air flow and even water in the office, research proves that more is better.

The combination of a more relaxing environment, better productivity and cleaner air (among others) makes biophilia a must for your office.

This is another aspect of Sydney office design that we expect to see plenty more of over the next decade.

Strength in Sustainability

The focus on sustainability is already stronger than ever, and it’s only growing.

This is necessary, as every office-based business should do their part to reduce their impact on the environment.

You can create a sustainable office through sustainable furniture, better recycling and rubbish removal practices and better use of natural light.

Moreover, we’ll no doubt see a number of wonderful new approaches to sustainability in the office over the next ten years.

To discuss your Sydney office design or office fit-out project, get in touch with Niche Projects here.