Why Do You Need a Professional Office Maintenance Company in Your Corner?

Every busy Sydney office will require repairs and maintenance at one time or another.

Whether it’s damaged floors, walls, fittings and fixtures, you need to hire a professional repair and maintenance company.

At Niche Projects, we offer the highest-quality repairs for offices all around Sydney, ensuring all of our clients are 100% satisfied.

Repairs are always critical, to ensure that your workplace is safe for your employees and looks great at all times.

This is how we can help.

In-House Trades

At Niche Projects, we have a bevy of in-house trades on our roster.

When it comes to repairing issues in your workplace, hiring a wide range of tradespeople can become a real headache.

You might need plumbers, electricians, cabinet makers and tilers, all for the same problem. When you hire us, there’s only one point of contact.

That makes the whole process so much more efficient, meaning much less of a hassle for you and your business.

Our in-house trades are also highly qualified and excellent at what they do. That means that the workmanship you get from Niche Projects is always top notch.

Quick Response

A quick response to your repair query is always important.

Most office maintenance should be attended to and completed quickly. That’s because your workplace should always be a safe and functional place.

At Niche Projects, we’ll always respond quickly to your office repair requirements, ensuring a fast result.

That’ll allow your workplace to return to normal as quickly as possible, meaning minimal interference with your productivity.

High Quality Materials

When it comes to repairing or replacing finishes in your office, we always utilise the best materials on offer.

For example, if you’ve had a leak in one of your bathrooms and it’s spread to the carpeted area outside the bathroom, we’ve got you covered.

Our trades will fix the leak and replace your broken piping or fixture with the best available materials.

Then, we’ll ensure that your carpet is also effectively replaced, with the best products that we can source for your office.

To discuss office repairs and maintenance, get in touch with Niche Projects here.