5 of the Best Plants for Your Sydney Office Fit-Out

Including lush plants in your Sydney Office Fit-out can work wonders for the space. A bit of greenery can transform an office by improving the ambiance, worker productivity, and even air quality.

However, choosing the right plant for your office space can be time-consuming and challenging…and result in a few dead plants.

To take the hard work out of this process, below is a list of the best plants for your Sydney Office Design, from the ones you can forget to water for a week (or two), to those that can thrive in a dim corner.

Mother In-law’s Tongue (Snake Plant/ Sanseviria)

This hardy succulent variety is ideal for any area in the office due to its ability to survive in a range of lighting and with sporadic watering. In fact, it is better to forget to water these vibrant plants than to overwater them.

On top of being low-maintenance, the aptly nicknamed Mother In-Law’s Tongue provides vibrant relief for screen-weary eyes with its lush yellow and green, tiger-striped leaves.

The last benefit of this plant for your office space is its air purifying abilities, actively removing toxins such as benzene for the air while you work.

Spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum)

Spider plants are ideal for those dimmer parts of the office that don’t receive much natural light. These hardy plants will also survive off inconsistent and minimal watering and are tolerant of artificial heating and cooling that can be detrimental to other plants.

A great benefit of the spider plant is its fast and continuous growth under all conditions, bringing a lot of greenery to your Sydney Office Fit-out in a short space of time.

This is yet another plant that will purify your office air by removing formaldehyde.

Devil’s Ivy (Pothos/ Epiprenum aurenum)

Arguably the most popular indoor plant, even those with no interest in plants have likely seen a Pothos. This attractive, fast-growing ivy comes in a number of varieties, ideal for any indoor space.

Requiring some natural light, Pothos are great to hang from the ceiling to allow the lush vines to drape down and create vertical space in your office.

Pothos do require watering at least once a week but are worth the extra effort for their attractive foliage.

Zanzibar Gem (Zamioculcas Zamiifolia)

The Zanzibar Gem is an excellent desk plant- tolerant of variable light and able to survive under only fluorescent light, it is perfect for any windowless areas of your Sydney Office Fit-out.

This fast-growing succulent variant needs little water to produce its hardy, glossy green foliage.

Parlour Palm (Neanthe bella)

Parlour palms are another desk-sized plant that will add a snippet of the forest floor and some life to the office space.

Though slow-growing, the lush foliage of this plant provides ample visual relief to screen weary eyes, as well as purifying the air while you work.

These small, hardy palms are highly tolerant of lower light making them another ideal plant for those looking for low-maintenance greenery.

Niche projects will select the most appropriate plants for your Sydney Office Fit-out, creating the ideal work environment for you and your workers.

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