When It Comes to Sydney Office Design, Give Your People a Choice

When it comes to flexible working styles, your employees will inevitably want options.

Everyone in an office is different. Each person has a slightly different way to approaching their work, as well as communicating and collaborating.

That means that when you do design your Sydney office fit-out, it’s important to create a range of working spaces for your workers to choose from.

Quiet Working Spaces

Plenty of workers have cursed the open plan office for years.

Those that prefer to work in a quiet environment, whether that be solo or with other workers, deserve areas to cater for their needs.

Giving your workers a choice of quiet working spaces will create benefits in terms of happier staff and more productive workers.

Collaborative Areas

Collaborative areas are important for all sorts of businesses.

There are also no doubt a number of employees who prefer to work collaboratively, with other staff. Idea bouncing and verbal brainstorming is key to this.

Traditional Open Plan Working

Open plan working has been around for a long, long time.

It’s been an affordable way for businesses to operate, but many employees work better in a quiet environment. However, that’s not all your workers.

Some do enjoy the space of open plan working, as well as the ease of access to other employees. Therefore, it’s important you still offer this type of space.

Fun Zones

Fun zones can have a huge impact on your employees’ happiness and their job satisfaction levels in your office space.

Provide a space in your office with fun activities, such as board games, video games or ping pong tables.

When your staff are able to use these areas on breaks or after work, they’ll enjoy their experience at work much more.

Simply providing this option also shows you really do care about your employees. At Niche Projects, we understand.

Conference and Phone Booths

Booths are a great way to provide a quiet place for your employees to take calls or video chats.

It’s important that there are quiet areas for your staff to take professional calls that may be sensitive in nature.

They may also simply need to focus!

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