Sydney Office Space: How Much Square Meterage Do You Need?

If you’re about to vacate your current office and move into a new one, you’ll need to consider many things.

One of the most pressing aspects of locating a new office in Sydney is ensuring you have the right amount of square meterage.

However, that’s not easy! You’ll need to take all sorts of things into account, like staff numbers, working types, meeting rooms and more.

At Niche Tenant Advisory, helping businesses find their perfect Sydney office is exactly what we do.

That’s why we’ve used all of our expertise and experience to develop a cutting-edge Sydney office space calculator app.

Here are just a few things that you need to think about when calculating the ideal amount of square meterage for your new Sydney office.

Staff Numbers

You’ll need to estimate your staff numbers as accurately as possible.

That’s because staff numbers will directly influence the number of workstations and other necessary items in your office.

Growth and or reduction in business size will also need to be considered so that you can ensure your space caters to any changes going forward.

Flexible Working?

Does your business implement flexible working processes?

For instance, if your staff rotate between working at home and in the office, you’ll likely need less space.

Ensuring clever use of flexible working spaces and rotas will mean a saving on rent for your Sydney office space.

Meeting Rooms and Breakout Areas

Meeting rooms and breakout areas need to be working for you.

There needs to be ample space for your employees to relax, collaborate and communicate. However, you need to make sure you’re not overspending on square meterage.

That’s crucial when planning your Sydney office space.

Use Our Office Space Calculator App

We’re here to help! Our office space calculator app is the perfect solution.

Simply punch in all of the details of the spaces you need, employee numbers, workstations and more.

Then, you’ll get an accurate estimation for your brand-new Sydney office and office fit-out, setting your business up for success.

Find our Sydney office space calculator app for apple iOS here, or google play here.

To discuss your new Sydney office lease or lease re-negotiation, get in touch with Niche Tenant Advisory here.