5 Superb Lobby Design Tips

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If your business has a lobby, it’s probably the first thing your staff, customers and clients see on a daily basis.

First impressions are everything, and therefore the design of your lobby or reception area is so important.

It’s imperative that this space is as welcoming and functional as possible. A lobby can set the tone for your customer’s experience, whether that be good or bad.

It’s also a reflection of your company’s personality.

That means that an engaging, efficient lobby area can leave customers feeling the same way about your organisation as a whole.

A poorly designed lobby can put people off coming back to your business, whilst a great one can have a lasting positive impression.

Here are 5 superb lobby design tips.

Natural Elements

We’ve discussed the benefits of plants in your office space in a previous article, and the same benefits apply to your lobby or reception area.

As that initial impression is so important, plants are an excellent way to create a visually pleasing area.

Greenery and perhaps a water feature help create a relaxed, natural feel throughout the space. This certainly makes your lobby more appealing to everyone passing through, or waiting.

As well as that, plants will ensure the air is fresh in your lobby, and offset any chemicals or harmful particles in the air.

Open Plan

Your lobby space shouldn’t overwhelm – a bright, open lobby is a welcoming one.

An open plan provides light and good air flow. Furthermore, it’s also functional as visitors can easily find their way around.

A confined space that doesn’t offer natural light or airflow isn’t conducive to a positive experience, and should be avoided at all costs.

Natural Light

Natural light has many benefits, and should be utilised as much as possible in your lobby design.

Natural light makes a more attractive space and is healthier for your staff and customers than artificial light. It also lends to a more relaxing space.

Plenty of natural light has a big effect on the overall mood of your space, and therefore the mood of people passing through.


Sustainability is important in any office environment.

Being environmentally conscious can lessen your company’s impact on the earth, and improve your reputation amongst customers and staff.

This attitude should also extend to your reception or lobby area.

A lobby space can be a sustainable area by using recycled or recyclable furniture and eco-friendly lighting. You can also refrain from using waste materials such as single use plastic water cups.

Being eco-friendly can give you an edge over competitors, and ensures that your company is minimising its impact on the environment.


Your lobby shouldn’t be an irritating area to be in, as a loud space can be. It should be quiet, relaxing and most of all welcoming.

To create a desirable lobby space, glass, plants and well-placed furniture can be used to minimise noise pollution.

This type of design can be used to create separate quiet areas for people waiting or working, which adds to the versatility of your lobby or reception space.

For 5 more superb lobby design tips, see our next article.