Key Tips When Designing Your Office to Fit Your Brand Name

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Key Tips When Designing Your Office to Fit Your Brand Name

First impressions last. Especially when it comes to business. Making a lasting first impression is very much applicable not just to the building you’re residing in but also the brand itself. This is where you need to make sure that your office design truly represents your brand. Here’s some key tips when designing your office to fit your brand name.

Why Should You Match Your Office Design with Your Brand?

You may have spent countless hours building your brand from scratch, but if your physical office isn’t representative of what people think of your brand name, then you may find customers starting to dwindle.

You wouldn’t want to leave a weak first impression to anyone who takes a look at your office in the real world as it spells an early death for your brand. It’s therefore essential that your office design should fit your brand name for a positive first impression that will turn potential customer’s heads for better long term business.


How to Design Your Office to Fit Your Brand Name

What your office looks like in real life can strongly influence what people think of your brand, which is why designing your office to fit your brand name is just as important as building your brand itself. Here are some tips you could use to help you come up with an office design that matches your brand name:

  1. Consider your brand’s prevailing corporate culture when designing your office.


Tailor-fitting your office design to the kind of dominant corporate culture surrounding your brand ensures that the working environment of your employees is as perfectly aligned as possible with your brand.


If the corporate culture surrounding your brand is one that is formal and controlled, your office design should reflect it as well by opting for a traditional setup. A traditional office design places considerable importance on cubicles and rooms with doors that emphasize privacy as well as hierarchy and order.


However, going for a traditional office design has its share of drawbacks ranging from a discernible lack of communication between employees and management to lower-ranking staff being forced to make do with cubicles situated next to the restroom.


On the other hand, if the corporate culture surrounding your brand is one that encourages employees to let loose while making sure that they still do productive work during office hours, your office design should be one that promotes the same open and creative working environment.


An open concept office design that completely ditches cubicles is often considered as a go-to option for informal corporate cultures that thrive on open communication and near-constant collaboration.


You might want to use the open concept office design with caution though as there are a few disadvantages to implementing it as well such as lack of privacy, increased noise levels, and faster spreading of communicable diseases.


You can also choose to go for a customized approach that combines both traditional and open concept office designs, but you have to balance them such that any subcultures wouldn’t overshadow the prevailing corporate culture surrounding your brand.


  1. Design your office such that any foreseeable future growth has been factored in.


Your brand will grow once more people become interested in what you have to offer. Which you will then use to design your office in such a way that it will welcome any future growth.


Assessing your brand’s historical growth as well as forecasting its potential growth within the next 12 to 24 months is recommended for you to be able to make a more realistic projection of the amount of additional space your office would need.


Your office expansion plan should primarily involve estimating how much space to allocate without wasting a considerable amount of money on unused areas.


We can assist with space planning your office. Phone 02 9114 9774 to find out more.


  1. Use your brand’s color scheme when designing your office.


Ever wondered why sports teams make their members wear jerseys with the same color? That’s because wearing an official uniform makes it easier for spectators to see which player belongs to which team, and also serves as a reminder for the players of a specific team that they are playing together as one unit. This reason also applies to office design that is supposed to reflect your brand.


You have to make sure that the colors of the walls, as well as the furniture and decorations you’ll be buying for your office, are the same as any of the colors used by your brand. You can use other colors that are close enough shades of any of the colors used by your brand as well. Designing your office using your brand’s color scheme further establishes your brand’s visual identity.


As much as you might want to get creative, you shouldn’t incorporate with your office design any other colors that are not part of your brand’s established visual identity as it would make having your brand readily identified a lot harder. You also don’t want to over use your corporate colours as it may look tacky.


You can also hang some artwork as part of your office’s decors provided that most of their colors don’t clash with your brand’s color scheme and that their underlying themes aren’t running in stark contrast against your brand’s mission statement.


  1. Make your office design clean and organized.


No matter how new or established your brand may be, a messy and disheveled office design can ultimately destroy your brand’s reputation, which is why you have to make sure that your office design is neat and orderly.


A scattered office design leaves the impression that your brand might be shady at best. On the other hand, a clean and organized office design ensures that your brand is a reputable one that people can trust.




Building your brand such that it sets itself apart from the rest of the competition is one thing. Designing your office to fit your brand name is another, but just as essential as it can either make or break your entire brand. Leaving a lasting first impression by following these tips on how you can design your office to accurately represents your brand is a sound investment that’s sure to make your brand stand out and perhaps even become one that even your average person on the street can instantly recognize. Are you ready to start designing your office around your brand?

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