5 Tips for a Magnificent Meeting Room

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The meeting room is an integral part of any office.

Important information and presentations will be delivered in this room, and that requires a space that is as functional and engaging as possible.

There are a number of factors that make a fantastic meeting room, so we’ve provided some below.

Good Lighting

Having as much natural light as possible makes any space welcoming.

Dull or harsh artificial lighting can affect concentration and engagement, whereas natural lighting makes a space more relaxing, more open and has health benefits for your staff.

In the case of a meeting room, natural light will help keep employees engaged and alert.

If there’s no natural light available in this part of your office, consider utilising glass walls to allow natural lighting to flow in from outside the meeting room.

If there is no source of natural lighting nearby, ensure that the artificial lighting is just right. An office design company can help you optimise your lighting.


You don’t want to divert the attention of your staff while facilitating a meeting, however boring walls in your meeting room can be even more off putting.

By adding some colour to your room you can actually increase concentration and engagement. For example, blue can create a feeling of relaxation and productivity, while red promotes creativity and discussion.

Artwork is also a great addition to your meeting room, but make sure it doesn’t clash too much with the other decor.

Subtlety is key.

Up to date Technology

Nothing torpedoes a meeting or presentation like technical difficulties.

Ensure that all equipment is on hand for visual and audio presentations. If it’s in the budget, invest in the most up to date technology and see that it is properly installed.

Having cutting edge technology to utilise will certainly wow your staff and clients when delivering those all-important meetings.


Without furniture, your meeting room is just a room.

It’s important to be careful when selecting the furniture for your meeting room, as it can greatly affect the feeling of the overall environment.

Your seating should be comfortable, but not so comfortable that staff are overly relaxed. That takes away from the professional nature of the room and can reduce focus.

A sturdy table is a necessary feature, and ensure that you factor in the size requirements of your meetings. There’s no use in having a table that is frequently far too small for your meetings.

Have a side table or buffet table on hand for drinks, snacks and any additional equipment required for meetings.

It’s also great to ensure that the furniture is moveable, which makes for a flexible arrangement.

Is it The Right Room?

You need to ensure that you select the right room in your office for your meeting room.

Consider all of your meeting room requirements – is it big enough? Is it light enough? Is it accessible to employees?

For advice and help with your meeting or conference room, it’s best to utilise an office design and office fit out company.

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