How to Liven Up a Dull Office

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Nobody likes a dull office.

In fact, an unstimulating work environment can have a significant negative effect on the productivity of your workers.

Studies have found that in an ‘engaging’ office, staff work roughly 15% more efficiently than those in a dull office.

Drab walls and uninspiring colours can make an office an unpleasant place for your staff to spend their work day. It also has a negative impact on your workers’ mood and wellbeing.

Spicing up your office environment doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking, either. With a few simple additions, your space can become engaging in no time. Consulting an office design or office fit out company in Sydney is a great first step.

Here are some tips on how to turn convert your office into an engaging space.


We go on and on about plants. But that’s simply because the effect of plants in an office space is so positive.

Plants clean the air and offset chemicals, therefore improving the health of your workers.

They are also visually relaxing for your staff, which boosts productivity, mood and helps maintain good mental health. As well as that, they simply make your office look great.

Greenery is a great addition to your office design plans.


Add some visual stimulation to your office space with paintings, photographs and sculptures.

Art in the workplace is a pleasant distraction and a refreshing change from monotonous white walls. It can help workers remain focused by offering a visual ‘micro break’ from the task at hand.

The value of artwork in the office is well researched, and the largest corporate enterprises are on top of the game. For example, in 2016, the Deutsche Bank had the largest collection of corporate art in the world, with 60,000 pieces across 900 offices.

Research into the effect of art in an office environment has shown that it can increase productivity, decrease stress and improve employee wellbeing.

Sourcing art for your office can also encourage engagement between your business and local artists, boosting your connection with the local community.

Natural Light

Let there be light!

Clean those windows and move any bulky furniture that may be stopping natural light from flowing through the office.

The benefits of natural light are fantastic. You should have as much of it as possible in your space, and maximise the sources available.

Natural light improves health and wellbeing, relieves stress and relaxes your staff. All this combines for higher productivity and less absence due to illness.

It also aids your workers sleep patterns, meaning you’ll have more rested employees who maintain better focus and higher accuracy in their work.

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