The Effect of Quiet Zones in Your Office

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We all need a bit of peace and quiet at work sometimes.

Unfortunately, because of the open plan office design we’re so fond of these days, a quiet space can be hard to come by.

For this reason, quiet zones are increasingly common in modern office environments. After all, the most productive office environment incorporates a number of different areas.

Quiet zones don’t even have to be specifically work based areas – they could be meditation areas or relaxation spaces. Both of these uses have great benefits for your staff too.

So, what exactly constitutes a quiet space?

What is a Quiet Space?

A quiet space is essentially a work zone in your office that allows employees to escape the hustle bustle of the main office area.

It may be a separate room, or just an area closed off by partitions, plants or shelving. Some companies also offer pod solutions, but these can be confined and claustrophobic.

Ideally, it’s a space you can incorporate into your current office design. This way, you can avoid the headache of a complete renovation.

Niche Projects specialise in office design and office fit outs, and can help you create a stunning quiet space in your office, with minimal fuss.

The Benefits of a Quiet Space

The benefits of providing a quiet space for your staff are simply enormous.

In a quiet space, workers can relax without having to leave the office. They can remove themselves from the stressors and distractions of a busy environment.

When your staff are able to relax at work and stay on top of their tasks, health and wellbeing often improves as a result.

Studies have also shown that noise distractions can double the chance of errors. It can take over 20 minutes after a distraction for a worker to resume normal concentration!

Therefore, you can greatly reduce errors by having a quiet space for workers to retreat to when distractions become too much.

Having quiet zones also helps your workers to efficiently divide their workday, by providing a zone where they can focus on work that requires a high level of concentration

Implementing quiet spaces can even mean your staff spend less hours at work. They’ll be able to complete tasks more efficiently with a quiet space to work in, therefore minimizing time in the office.

That saves your company money in the long run, and increases overall productivity for your business.

Tips for Creating a Quiet Space

You may actually have the ideal space already, just waiting to be used.

For example, singular offices are unoccupied roughly 77% of the time, according to research. Therefore, transforming a space like this into a quiet zone would make such a space far more efficient for your business.

By using a space like this, you’ll also save on cost. It means a smaller office fit out, and less spent on office design.

Make sure your quiet zone is not only quiet, but relaxing too, for when staff just need some time out. It shouldn’t be too confined, and ideally should have some airflow and natural light.

Don’t forget, greenery can improve any space! Placing plants in a quiet space will enhance productivity and aid relaxation.

Setting up a booking system can also be a good move, so that employees get their fair share of time in the quiet zone.

Niche Projects would love to help you with your quiet space design.

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