Activity Based Working: Is It Right for Your Sydney Office?

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The term ‘activity-based working’ first appeared in Erik Veldhoen’s 1996 book ‘The Demise of the Office’.

It’s a workplace design approach that aims to provide a variety of settings tailored to different activities in the office.

By providing individuals with options as to where they do their work, businesses have seen plenty of benefits in terms of productivity, efficiency and communication.

There have been numerous research studies into activity-based working that show fantastic benefits. However, there are some challenges too.

The Benefits

Activity-based working can have immense benefits for all kinds of Sydney office-based businesses, no matter the industry.

When you provide a variety of workspaces for your staff, you’ll definitely see an increase in happiness. Employees who are able to choose where they work will be far more content in the workplace.

Moreover, utilising activity-based working will help to get the very best out of your employees. People are diverse and the same goes for the way we work.

Therefore, different employees will find solace in various working areas, thereby boosting their productivity and efficiency.

A third benefit of activity-based working is the increased focus on employee wellbeing. Many of these spaces will encourage more movement for your staff, as well as a less sedentary approach to work.

That means healthier employees, both in body and mind.

The Challenges

The benefits of activity-based working can be enormous, but there are challenges too.

First and foremost, implementing a big change in your Sydney office will always come with some resistance from staff. Activity-based working is no different.

Therefore, it’s important to work closely with employees, ensuring constant and open communication throughout the entire transition.

That will go a long way toward helping ease their minds and making the transition smoother for your workers and your business.

Another challenge can be the financial costs of implementing activity-based working, especially if you try to reconfigure your office yourself.

This is why it’s absolutely essential to hire a professional Sydney office fit-out company like Niche Projects to help you optimise your activity-based working plan.

Here’s How to Make It Work

Working with a professional Sydney office fit-out company is the best way to ensure your activity-based working strategy is implemented as effectively as possible.

We’ve helped numerous Sydney businesses find the most efficient way of getting their activity-based working plan to thrive.

Your office will inevitably need some reconfiguring to maximise the benefits of flexible working. Therefore, a Sydney office design company is a must.

We’ll work with you from idea to completion of your fit-out, ensuring your move toward flexible working is a successful journey.

To discuss activity-based working for your Sydney office, get in touch with Niche Projects here.