Assessing Your Needs Before an Office Fit Out

Fitting out your new office is a big step for your business.

However, too often, companies dash into a fit out without first properly considering their needs. This can result in an office which simply doesn’t work well with your business.

An office which isn’t allowing your business to operate at its full capacity will hurt your bottom line in the long run.

Therefore, ensure your productivity is at its best by considering the following things.

How Much Floor Space Do You Need?

This is a crucial one.

To work out how much space you need for your office work areas, consider how many workers you’ll have. As well as that, think about design… will the office be open plan, or will each worker have a cubicle?

Meeting Rooms

Analyse your needs when it comes to meeting rooms. Too often, companies overcompensate when it comes to adding meeting rooms.

In fact, studies have shown that on average, most meeting rooms are only used around 50% of the time.

Therefore, don’t add meeting rooms to your space unnecessarily. Instead, create a dynamic kitchen or break out space which can double as a meeting room.

Desk Size

Some tasks require larger desks than others. On the other hand, some businesses simply waste floor space by having desks that are much larger than necessary.

Ensure the desks you have installed in your office by your fit-out company are large enough, but not too big.

Work Zones

Take into consideration the way your staff work.

For instance, agile working and activity based working are two common trends based around working in a variety of environments.

Therefore, if your staff work in this way, ensure that you have the right spaces available. That could include quiet working spaces, collaborative spaces or activity rooms.

Server Room

Depending on how much IT equipment you have, you may need a server room.

Occasionally, businesses may save on space by storing their server equipment on the main office floor. However, depending on the amount of IT equipment you have, this can be a big mistake.

Security can be compromised, and the noise from the IT equipment can be quite loud. This noise can be a distraction, so make sure you separate your equipment when necessary.


How big does your kitchen need to be? Will it be separated from the rest of the office, or will it be open plan? How many staff do you need to cater for in terms of chairs and tables?

All of this must be considered, otherwise you won’t have an effective kitchen for your workers.

It’s becoming increasingly known that the kitchen is one of the most important parts of an office. Therefore, do your research properly before beginning your fit out.

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