Does Your Office Design Attract Talent?

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One of the things that makes a successful business is top-line talent.

Whether your field is finance, advertising or human resources, having the very best staff in your organisation gives you a huge edge over competitors.

The way your office is designed can attract the best, or it can drive them away.

For instance, research has shown that many prospective employees turn down job offers because of unappealing offices.

Furthermore, many others seek out roles at certain companies because of their office environment.

Therefore, here are a few tips to make sure your office design is giving you the best chance of attracting the best.


A nice, light workspace is an attractive one. Preferably, your office will be lit mostly by natural light.

When new employees or clients visit your office, a light space is far nicer than a dark, dreary working environment.

Give yourself the best chance of gaining and retaining new talent by maximising the natural light in your office.


Colour has a profound effect on the mood of your workers, and your visitors.

White can be a safe option, but on the other hand, it can be clinical and uninspiring. Black should be used sparingly as it neutralises light, though can have a great effect. Red can inspire, green adds a natural feel and purple is regal.

Every colour has an effect on your workers, but at the end of the day, find a balance. Ensure your space is not boring or overwhelming, but vibrant and welcoming.


Plants add so much to your workplace.

The natural element has immense health benefits for your staff, and they simply look fantastic.

Plants be appreciated by potential new starters, as they show that you truly care for your staff.

Happy Staff

When it comes to the happiness of your staff, office design plays a big part.

In fact, lighting, colour and natural elements all play a big part in creating a cheerful working environment.

Furthermore, happiness is infectious. When clients or talent visit your office, seeing a workplace where staff are truly enjoying themselves will have a huge effect.

Everyone wants to work in a happy office. Therefore, give yourself of attracting the best talent by ensuring your staff are content.


Modern, cutting edge design will show clients and new workers that you are at the forefront of your industry.

Working with an office design company like Niche Projects will help you to establish a modern, chic office that your staff and newcomers can be proud of.

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