Greenery: The Benefits of Plants in the Office

Greenery and green space is now an imperative part of office design, both in Sydney and around the world.

There are numerous benefits to having plants in your office space, beyond the fact that they look fantastic.

Essentially, the benefits that plants provide mean they are just as important as good office furniture, and their impact cannot be underestimated.

Here are a few of those benefits.

Cleaner Air

Through the process of photosynthesis, plants take carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and turn it into valuable oxygen.

When placed in an office they continue to do this, creating cleaner air for your space.

In air-conditioned offices, they can reduce carbon dioxide levels by roughly 10%. In offices that aren’t air-conditioned, they can lower carbon dioxide in the air by about 25% – a huge effect.

They also remove a number of other pollutants from the atmosphere, and can reduce the impact of chemicals produced by electronics and cleaning agents.

Less Sickness and Absence

Workspaces with plants report less minor illness and absence among employees.

One study undertaken in Norway showed a 25% decrease in minor illness after introducing plants to an office environment. Much other research has shown similar results.

Get rid of those sniffling noses by placing plants around your office, and your staff and organisation will benefit greatly.

Boost Productivity

According to some studies, employees’ productivity jumps as much as 15% when plants are present in the office.

The combination of a pleasant work environment and the health benefits provided by plants combine to increase a workers output.

When employees enjoy the space in which they work and have pride in their environment, they thrive.

This means a boost in productivity for your company as a whole.

More Creative

Research has also shown that having a bunch of greenery in your office boosts the creativity of your workers.

Attention restoration theory suggests that when people look at nature their brains process things differently. It relaxes people and makes them better able to concentrate.

This state lends to creativity, innovative thinking and a fun environment for your staff.

Noise Reduction

Plants are an excellent natural barrier for noise.

By placing them in front of your open plan kitchen area, or by the printers or collaborative workspace, you will minimise the noise that may carry across your office.

That reduces the chance of distraction, and increases focus.

Make Your Office Look Better

An office full of well-placed and well cared for plants simply looks better.

It’s more inviting and has a far more natural feel. Customers, clients and employees (not to mention prospective employees) will be drawn in by this atmosphere.

Seeing a relaxed, attractive workspace creates a feeling of trust and enjoyment, which will strengthen ties between your business and people.

When considering office design improvements, it’s hard to argue with the benefits of adding greenery to your space.

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