Experiential Office Design – What Is It?

Experiential design is a popular, current term in the field of architecture.

It’s essentially an approach to office design which is based around the experience of your employees in their workplace.

For instance, it’s all about how your workers interact with their environment, and creating a healthier, happier workplace.

Experiential design is all about putting your staff first. Instead of designing an office based on a particular chic trend, everything is planned to improve the lives of your workers.

By focusing on your workers like this, you’re investing in their happiness and their success. Ultimately, this translates into success for your business.

Experiential design is still being very much studied. But there are already very positive signs:

According to author Jacob Morgan, an expert in the field of office design, businesses which focus on their workers’ experiences make four times the average profit than those that don’t.

That’s a huge increase in profit, and simply can’t be ignored. Therefore, here are some tips to help improve the experience of your staff in your office environment.

Killer Breakout Areas

Provide breakout areas in which staff want to spend time.

Furthermore, make them interactive. Have games, puzzles and a small library in there for your staff. They can utilise these activities when they’re on lunch, or before or after work.

Incorporating a breakout area like this into your office design will help to create an enjoyable and social space for your workers.

Cutting-Edge Technology

This means premium wifi, modern computers and tablets and phones, where necessary.

When it comes to interacting with technology, new models make it a far better experience for your staff. As well as that, completing their work becomes easier, and therefore less stressful.

Being able to utilise the best technology will boost productivity. Modern devices can help to avoid time lost through malfunction or slow programs.


Humans need a good measure of nature.

Therefore, ensure your office provides your workers with plenty of natural light, heaps of greenery and perhaps even a water feature.

Staying in touch with nature whilst at work has many benefits. For instance, healthier and happier workers, fresher air and a pleasing aesthetic.

This all combines to greatly improve your workers experience in the office.


Give your workers more choice in the workplace.

For example, provide a variety of different work spaces. Each space can be tailored to a different task, much like the trend of activity based working.

In practice, this often includes quiet spaces, collaborative spaces, meditation spaces and active rooms.

Allowing your staff to have more responsibility when choosing where they work, and even what they work on, increases happiness.

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