Consider Recycled Furniture for Your Office

Businesses should always be looking for ways to reduce their impact on the environment.

One way of doing that is to use recycled office furniture – either second hand furniture, or furniture that has been restored from older pieces.

Most of the time, these second-hand chairs and desks will look virtually as good as new, so you won’t need to worry about appearance.

The furniture in your office not only influences the look and feel of the environment, it also affects your reputation and your workers productivity.

Here’s why you should consider recycled furniture for your office.


Purchasing second hand furniture means your business is making a commitment to sustainability.

So much office rubbish and office waste simply ends up in landfill. Unfortunately, most of this consists of furniture.

By using pieces recovered and recycled by an office rubbish removal contractor, your business is directly contributing to reducing landfill.

Utilising second hand pieces also means saving energy and resources that would have otherwise been put into making brand-new pieces from plastic, wood and metal.

This means you’re also contributing to reducing emissions.


You can get quality pieces at a lower price by going for second hand furniture.

At brand new prices, certain items may not be in your business’ budget. However, when purchasing these chairs and desks second hand, you’ll be able to afford premium quality.

To ensure you do get quality pieces, thoroughly inspect them before purchasing anything. It’s best to make sure they’re a good fit for your space too.

Quality doesn’t just mean visually pleasing, either.

Comfort has to be paramount, so that your employees are working in an environment where they operate as productively as possible.

Save Money

It goes without saying that by purchasing second hand furniture instead of brand new pieces, you’ll be saving your business plenty of money.

In fact, depending on the quality and condition, you could be paying roughly half price. This will free up plenty of cash to put into other avenues of your business.

Support Local Business

It’s likely that there is a second-hand office furniture dealer not at all far from you. By purchasing second hand furniture from them you’re supporting local businesses.

That means you’re also improving your links to the local community which inevitably has a positive effect on your reputation among potential customers.


This could be a fantastic opportunity to furnish your office with different pieces, that may be no longer available.

By using recycled furniture, you can give your office space a fresh, unique look at far less cost than you’d pay for brand new items.

They often say that constraint boosts creativity, so choosing from a selected range of recycled pieces could certainly inspire something special in your office design.