Dazzling Office Design Tips to Impress!

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Good office design is crucial for your business, for many reasons.

It can have a fantastic benefit on your staff and clients, sure to impress the important people in all the best ways.

As well as that, dazzling office design can help to make your business more productive, creative and efficient.

That’s obviously a desirable result for every company!

Therefore, here are some top tips for Sydney office design that will be sure to impress staff, clients and customers alike.

Activities for Staff

This one isn’t strictly to do with office design, but good design can certainly help.

Employee happiness is so important in every single office. Companies are doing more than ever to provide an enjoyable workplace for staff, but there is always more to be done.

One way to ensure your staff are happy at work and constantly impressed is to provide activities and activity spaces.

When you complete an office fit-out, ensure there are versatile spaces available for your workers to utilise.

Whether it’s team bonding exercises, informal meetings or a space for video games on a Friday afternoon, these activity spaces can have huge benefits.

Employees will be happier and form stronger working relationships between individuals and teams. In the long run, that will mean better productivity for your business.


Plants and other natural elements in the office will always look fantastic. Moreover, they’re a very affordable way to improve the visual aesthetic of your workplace.

Greenery also has a very positive impact on the mental health and mood of your workers. This then translates to better productivity and creativity in the office… that’s clearly a good thing!

When you do begin a new Sydney office fit-out, it’s essential you hire a professional office design company like Niche Projects.

We’ll work with you to make the most of the greenery in your office, so that your space will be sure to dazzle all comers.

Clever Colour Scheme

Colours can have a big impact on the overall feel of your office space.

Light colours can help to promote a lively, positive-thinking workplace, while darker colours can stifle light and affect the mood of your staff.

Therefore, hire a professional office design company to get the very best out of your colour scheme.

At Niche Projects, our design knowledge is unrivalled, meaning will deliver an outstanding result, every single time.

To discuss your Sydney office fit-out, get in touch with Niche Projects here.