The ‘Other’ Pandemic: Improving Mental Health in the Office

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While we tussle with the very public COVID-19 pandemic, office base businesses need to be mindful of another pandemic that affects millions around the world.

That’s mental illness in the workplace.

It has been a growing, silent pandemic that impacts individuals and businesses across Sydney and the rest of the country.

Many have also asked the following (important) question:

‘Is it actually mental illness in the workplace that is increasing or is it just our awareness and reporting of it that is becoming more common?’.

The answer is a little bit of both.

We’re now more aware than ever of mental illness. That’s both in the workplace and in the wider community, and our increased understanding of huge benefit going forward.

But there has been a rise in anxiety and depression, often attributed to stress caused by increasingly fast-paced office environments.

Unfortunately, this rise in mental illness is having a serious impact in Australia.

What’s the Impact?

The impact of poor mental health in the workplace can be measured in a few ways. However, no matter the way you look at it, the impact is severe to say the least.

It all begins with your employees.

Staff who are suffering from depression or anxiety are obviously not going to be happy at work. Moreover, it will inevitably affect their lives outside of work.

In turn, their physical health can suffer, relationships can deteriorate, and many other issues can be exacerbated.

When it comes to work, employees who suffer from mental illness will be far less productive. Their creativity will drop and working relationships will suffer.

As well as that, these employees are far more likely to miss days due to illness; mental illness will compromise the immune system.

In the US, it’s estimated that $1 trillion is lost every year, in lost productivity due to mental illness like depression and anxiety.

In the end, it’s clear that all of these effects will have an impact on your business, which is why you must do your part to promote better mental health in the office.

When it comes to Office Design, what can be done?

The way we work at Niche Projects means that we can and will design with the wellbeing of your employees in mind.

As well as that, we’ll work with you on any particular areas you’d like to focus on with your Sydney office fit-out.

With our industry knowledge and skill in creating a functional, productive space, we’ll be sure to give your employees the best environment possible.

That means providing the very best in natural elements, colour and furniture.

In the end, creating a more pleasing, relaxing space will have a fantastic impact on the mental health of your employees.

To discuss your Sydney office fit-out, get in touch with Niche Projects here.