Ten of the Best: Tips for Preparing for an Efficient Sydney Office Move

There are many ways to approach an office move in Sydney. Some work and others… don’t work so well.

It’s so important that you are as prepared as possible for your relocation project. If you’re not, you could be putting your entire business at risk.

Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of ten of the very best tips for your office relocation project. We hope that they’ll help you navigate your move, in an efficient manner.

  • You simply must begin to plan your relocation as early as you can. The more time you allow, the easier the move will be. Six months is a good timeframe for small to medium moves, while some larger moves may require two years of planning!
  • To make sure your move is in good hands, you should hire a professional Sydney office relocation company. We have the experience, equipment and manpower necessary for the most efficient move.
  • Ensure that whoever you hire has the required insurances and certificates. At Niche Projects, we have all the required insurances and protections to guard your move against any happenings.
  • Be sure to make a firm schedule with both the building you’re leaving and your new premises. It’s probable that the relocation project will be done out of hours as much as possible, including over the weekend.
  • Many office buildings will have different requirements, regarding things such as parking restrictions, safety requirements and protection for finishes and other items in the existing building. It’s important you ensure your project complies with these requirements, to avoid any animosity with your new landlord or property manager.
  • Communicate clearly and constantly with your employees, from the very beginning of the relocation planning process. Regular communication will keep your employees in the know and happy with your conduct throughout the move. As well as that, make sure you’re complying with any laws in regards to providing notice to staff.
  • Work out which printed materials need address changes. That will likely include letter templates, business cards and envelopes.
  • Draft announcements regarding the move, that can be communicated to all parties. Come up with a schedule for the announcements, to keep everything moving.
  • If you don’t hire a professional Sydney office relocation company, you should at least create a sketch of your new floor plan so that the movers you hire can place the furniture in the right spot. This will avoid any headaches around your new office set-up.
  • Packing all of your office equipment, filing and other small items can be a headache. Therefore, check in with us about packing these smaller items in the week leading up to the move, as well as the bigger bits like furniture and appliances.

We hope these tips are helpful for your Sydney office relocation project! To discuss your office move, get in touch with Niche Projects here.