Environmentally Friendly Branding and Office Design

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The physical aspects of your office are one surefire way to show clients that your organisation is environmentally friendly.

Rather than advertise yourself as a green company, it’s much more effective to show your visitors (and staff) in person.

Here’s how.

Natural Elements

The presence of natural elements in your office space is simply a must, if you are committed to being an eco-friendly organisation.

By placing plants throughout your workspace, you’ll be promoting better health and wellbeing among your employees.

In fact, some studies have shown that the presence of plants can reduce instances of tension and anxiety by around 30%.

As well as this, plants are conducive to better air quality in the office. This contributes to less instances of minor illness, meaning healthier workers and less absence.

And when plants are visible around your office, staff or visitors will know that you are indeed committed to environmentally friendly practices.

Floor and Wall Finishes

Show your dedication to the environment by utilising sustainable and eco-friendly wall and floor finishes in your office.

Materials that are sustainable include timber laminate flooring, which can be made from recycled materials, and other wooden finishes.

For your walls, integrate plants, as well as wood and other recyclable materials. This will make your commitment to sustainability clear for all to see.


Artwork can be environmentally friendly too.

For example, you could hang pictures or paintings made from recycled materials in your office, or ones that promote green practices.

When staff and customers see this artwork, they’ll know your organisation is green.

Waste Management

By having an effective and well-rounded waste management plan, you’ll be able to show staff and clients that you really do care where your waste goes.

This can be evident in the number of waste receptacles you have in your office, as well as signage encouraging workers to recycle.

More clients are choosing to work with eco-friendly organisations, and waste management and recycling is a huge part of this.

To discuss environmentally friendly office design for your business, get in touch with Niche Projects here.