Going Paperless: A Culture Changer

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The idea of the ‘paperless office’ first appeared with the introduction of early desktop computers in the 1980’s.

But almost 40 years on, offices still consume so much paper.

We use it irresponsibly too – half of all paper printed in offices ends up in the bin by the end of the day.

Whilst the transition from paper is more difficult in some industries, many businesses are simply not putting in enough effort to go paperless.

The benefits are enormous and going digital is simply a culture changer.

Transitioning to a purely digital office can create higher levels of employee satisfaction, and boost creativity and collaboration.

Paperless operations have even influenced modern office design, with less focus on physical storage space and more on digital-friendly work spaces.

Overall, efficient and modern practices result in a stronger culture in your workplace.

Here’s how.

Increased Efficiency

Information available at the click of a button or hunting through a musty filing cabinet?

Digital filing is faster, and less of a headache for your workers. Increased satisfaction with the process for your workers means a positive effect on your culture.

Environmentally Friendly

It goes without saying that a reduction in paper is a step towards sustainability.

More than half of all waste produced by business is comprised of paper. Going digital greatly reduces this amount, saving your company in recycling and supply costs.

Eco-friendly practices have a great effect on the reputation of your business, potentially making you a more appealing prospect for potential clients.


Collaboration equals innovation, and there are numerous digital platforms that can be utilised effectively by your staff.

Shared documents and folders offer an excellent way for staff to work together and share material with ease.

A collaborative and creative environment is a happy one.

Less Physical Storage

Reducing paper means you’re reducing your need for physical storage.

Business subscriptions for cloud storage are far more cost effective than filling your office with filing cabinets for paper archiving.

Digital storage is limitless, removing the headache of finding space for your paperwork.

The end result is more space for you and your staff to utilise.


The security measures available for digital storage means paperless files are more secure than their physical counterparts.

Studies have shown that breaches are less common with digital filing and tampering with information is harder to do, and easier to recognise.

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