Floor Finishes: Carpet

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One of the most common and cost-effective floor finishes is carpet.

Carpet can come in the form of rolls, which will be cut and laid to fit your space, or carpet tiles, common in large corporate offices and easier to lay.

It’s versatile and cost-effective, but also comes with some limitations.

When considering office design and finishes, you should be as well informed as possible about the floor surface that best suits you.


Noise Absorption

Carpet is the most effective common floor covering at absorbing noise.

The make-up of carpet means that rather than deflect sound, it muffles it. In terms of office design, carpet therefore reduces the chance of noise distractions.


Carpet can range from very basic to extremely high quality.

At the lower end of the spectrum, it’s a very affordable floor finish, especially when considering a large office space.


It’s more comfortable to walk on than a hard surface, such as concrete or hardwood.

In terms of visual appeal, carpet also makes a space look more comfortable and therefore, more conducive to a relaxed atmosphere.

Versatile Design

As it can come in all sorts of colours and designs, there is a carpet or carpet tile out there for any type of design scheme.


Stains Easily

We all know the perils of spilling our coffee or red wine on carpet.

Unfortunately, carpet stains are hard to avoid, and difficult to clean once dirt, grime or liquid has sunk into the pile.

Regular Cleaning Required

Carpet must be cleaned regularly to maintain its original condition.

In a large office, this is often a daily vacuum and a steam clean once or twice each year. Without a regular clean, carpet deteriorates and discolours at an increased rate.

Wear and Tear

Carpet can wear over time and isn’t as durable as concrete or wood.

As a result, carpet needs to be changed or repaired more frequently than other floor finishes. That must be taken into consideration when deciding on a floor finish.

It’s worth noting that carpet tiles are more durable than rolled carpet, and it’s far easier to repair small sections when carpet tiles have been used.

Potentially Wasteful

If you’re having carpet laid by the roll, it’s inevitable that there will be some waste.

When carpet is being installed, the contractors will need to the cut the sections to size, and small pieces and scraps will be thrown away.

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