More Ways to Boost Your Small Office Space

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With the increase in the number of start-ups and micro-businesses, the demand for smaller office spaces is expanding.

For some businesses though, moving into a small office could be due to limitations in the market, or for financial reasons.

In that situation, you’ll need to take as many measures as possible to make the space comfortable and productive.

Here are some more tips to help you with small office design.

Turn Up the Brightness

Natural light in an office is simply a necessity.

No one wants to work in a dark, depressing office. It’s detrimental to your workers health and wellbeing, and a poor reflection of your business.

To maximise light, make sure that there is nothing blocking the windows in your office. It also pays to hire a company to clean your windows regularly.

The brighter your space is, the larger it will feel.

Natural light has a hugely positive impact on the mood and productivity of your workers, as well as their health.

More exposure to natural light means better sleep, better mental health and less susceptibility to minor illness.

It’s important that the space (no matter the size) your staff so much of their day in is as bright and comfortable as possible.

Go Vertical

Install as much vertical storage space as possible.

Use wall hooks, studs and adhesive filing pockets, and attach shelving to wall surfaces. Above-desk storage is also a handy addition.

This will avoid the need for storage cabinets and allow you to store supplies and other necessities without taking up too much space.

Ensure you’re best using the facilities that are available to you.

Dynamic Common Areas

Make your common areas dynamic and adaptable.

For instance, turn your breakout room into a multipurpose space where you can hold meetings, and staff can relax or work quietly.

This approach is already a key feature of modern office design, particularly with those organisations implementing an agile or activity based office environment.

Dynamic common areas can save your business space and money.

Minimal Décor

Bright colours can work wonders in enhancing the light in a small office.

On the other hand, darker colours will make a space feel small and oppressive, a negative environment for your staff

When space is limited, you should also refrain from using physically large pieces of art to decorate your office. Similar to dark colours, they can make your office feel smaller.

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