How Much is Enough? Working Out How Much Office Space You Need

When you’re about to rent an office for your business, the first thing to figure out is whether you’ll have enough space to operate effectively.

Miscalculating the amount of office space your company requires can have an enormous impact on your business’s growth and performance.

If you rent too much space, you’re just paying a lot of money for empty floor.

If you don’t rent enough space, your expansion can be limited. This means business growth can’t effectively take place without finding more space.

There are some rough rules that can be used when calculating office space, such as a square metre figure per employee.

But the requirements of each business can be very different, and there are many factors that influence a business.

Here are some factors to consider.

Number of Staff

How many employees do you have?

Are you planning on expanding or reducing in size in the near future?

A common rule when it comes to office space is to allow roughly 8 to 12 square metres for each employee in the office. However, this doesn’t apply to every office, and certainly shouldn’t be taken as gospel.

You should assess based on all of your requirements, and not just a rough square metre figure for each employee.

After all, you don’t want your people to be hemmed in like battery hens, or be wasting money on empty space.

Employee Wellbeing

A crowded office can make employees less than fond of their workplace, obviously something you do not want as an employer.

Ample light and space equates to better health and a more positive mood for your employees.

Therefore, you should make sure measures are taken to prevent your workspace becoming overcrowded.

This results in better productivity for your business and a happier environment for everyone.

Size and Number of Work Stations

How many work stations do you need in your office?

You’ll need to consider whether employees will need more than one work station, or perhaps larger work stations are required for specific work types.

When using joined work benches, one rule of calculation is that each employee needs about 1.8 metres of linear space.

Required Rooms

Meeting rooms, archiving rooms, training rooms, conference rooms… all of these are common components of offices all over Sydney, and the world.

Ensure you’re including necessary rooms in your estimations of office space. Otherwise, you might be finding yourself holding conferences in work spaces.

When mapping out your space it’s a great idea to contract an office design or office fit out company.

We can help make the most of the space available to you.

Working Style

The way your organisation works can also affect the amount of office floor you need.

If your company practices Agile Working or Activity Based Working, it’s likely you’ll need less office space due to the fact that a higher number of your employees will be working remotely.

Consider your office design and fit outs too when calculating space. Particular designs that you may have in mind might not work in a certain amount of space.

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