The Importance of Natural Light in Your Office

We all need sunlight to operate at our best, and that’s no exception when we’re at work.

Therefore, natural light is one of the most important factors to consider when planning your office design or office fit out.

According to surveys, natural light is the one thing that workers want most in the office, and the absence of windows correlates with increased stress.

Here’s why incorporating natural light into your office design is so important.

Better Sleep Cycles

Light has a big effect on our sleep cycles, and sleep is so important to our wellbeing.

To maintain these cycles, we need sufficient exposure to natural sunlight.

Unfortunately, most office workers don’t get enough light, which results in worse quality sleep and an out of sync circadian rhythm (our 24-hour cycle of sleep and waking).

An affected sleep cycle means you’re more likely to develop a sleep disorder, have poorer mental health, and decreased physical health.

Therefore, it’s so important that you provide your workers with adequate natural light.

In fact, on average, workers who are located adjacent to windows have 45 minutes more sleep per night.

Healthier Employees

The impact of natural light on your workers physical and mental health is considerable.

Increased natural light in the workplace can result in:

  • Less colds.
  • 84% less headaches.
  • Less obesity.
  • Better mental health.
  • Less cases of eye strain and blurred vision.

This saves your business money in the long run, and makes for a healthier environment for your employees.

Improved Mood

Workers exposed to natural light report an improved mood in the workplace.

Staff with a positive mood show better communication and more enthusiasm whilst working, which results in better workplace relationships.

This ultimately means more effective collaboration and innovation.

Less Absences

Incorporating more natural light into your office design can actually reduce sick leave.

One study found that with adequate natural light, sick leave taken by office employees fell by approximately 6.5%.

This saves your business money, and makes for a more productive office.

Vitamin D

Everyone needs vitamin D.

Without it, we’re more at risk of illness and skeletal injuries. A lack of vitamin D also means less serotonin, melatonin as well as poorer eye health.

Office workers already spend far too much time inside, so maximising natural light is so important in ensuring your staff get sufficient vitamin D.

Makes the Most of Space

Natural light makes any area feel more spacious.

An open, bright office is conducive to improved moods and workplace satisfaction.

As well as that, a space like this is sure to be more appealing to customers and clients who may be visiting your office.

Ensure you prioritise the use of natural light in your office design or office fit out.

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