Improve Your Workplace with Dynamic Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms are an important part of any functional office.

They’re critical for bringing together staff and teams, delivering information, collaborating and plenty more.

However, meeting rooms can do so much more for your business than just provide a space for team meetings.

At Niche Projects, we help businesses tailor their office to be as dynamic as possible. That way, your workplace will provide immense benefits for you and your staff.

Here are just some of the ways we can improve your workplace with dynamic meeting rooms.

A Balance: Visibility and Privacy

Many meeting rooms are made of glass. That’s great for the flow of light and there are some visibility benefits, to be sure.

However, it’s impossible to maintain privacy when your meeting rooms are cased entirely in glass walls.

On the other hand, meeting rooms with zero visibility can feel claustrophobic and too shut off from the main hubbub of the office.

That makes a meeting room entirely reliant on artificial light. Moreover, it becomes almost useless as a multi-purpose space. When that is the case, your business is losing out.

Therefore, a balance between visibility and privacy is so important. We’ll help you utilise glass walls as well as opaque walls.

We’ll find the perfect mix for your meeting rooms, to ensure that you’re reaping all of the possible benefits.

Stimulate Your Staff

Stimulation is so important in a meeting room. If your staff aren’t stimulated, they won’t be taking in the important information that is being delivered to them.

On the other hand, if they are overstimulated, they could well be struggling to disseminate that information… or even listen at all!

Plants, certain colours and artwork and other items can help to spruce up a meeting room and create a lovely space for your employees.

At Niche Projects, we’ll decorate your space to ensure that your workers and any visiting clients are always impressed.

Make Your Space Work for You

Multi-purpose meeting rooms in the office can work wonders for your business.

Did you know, that most meeting rooms are only in use about 30% of the time? That’s floor space that your business is paying for.

This is why dynamic meeting rooms are such a bonus for your office. You can hold meetings in them, or utilise them as quiet working spaces for your staff.

Doing that means you’re getting the most out of your floorspace and the most out of your meeting rooms.

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