Three Aspects Critical to a Functional Office

The aim of every office fit-out or office refurbishment is pretty simple: a functional workplace that caters to the needs of your employees and business.

However, the execution doesn’t always match the aims you set out with.

At Niche Projects, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional office fit-outs to a range of clients in and around the Sydney CBD.

We always work with clients to ensure the finished product is a truly functional and pleasing workplace. We do that by ensuring we always consider these three aspects of office design.


Do you have enough space for a functional, pleasant working environment?

Too many businesses do not ask themselves this question before moving into a new workplace or commencing with a fresh Sydney office fit-out.

When that oversight occurs, a business or organisation will inevitably suffer. They’ll either be paying for too much space, or employees will be impossibly cramped.

Staff who work in a space that is just too small will be much less efficient as well as less happy in the workplace.

Those factors will inevitably combine to create a less functional workplace.

One great way to consider space before moving into a new office or commissioning a new fit-out is to utilise an office space calculator.

Niche Tenant Advisory have developed a cutting-edge office space calculator app, free to use on google or iOS app stores.

The app can help you work out the ideal amount of room for your new office. That’ll give your business the best chance of a functional workplace.


Sustainability is important for any business in this day and age.

It’s actually very affordable to include sustainable and eco-friendly decisions in your office design and fit-out process.

Sometimes, it’s even more affordable. Using materials like wood and stone in your office can be cheaper than other materials.

Moreover, it means you’re having a much better impact on the environment by avoiding metals and plastics.

Responsible waste management is also an important part of creating a truly sustainable office. It also leads to a more functional, pleasant workspace for your staff.

Layout and Flow

The layout of your new office fit-out is very important.

A great layout will allow and encourage your staff to do their jobs as efficiently as possible. On the other hand, a poor layout can hamper them on a daily basis.

The flow of people isn’t the only critical aspect of your office layout.

Light and air needs to be able to flow through your workplace with ease. People need fresh air, and a lack of it can cause health problems.

The same goes with light, especially of the natural sort.

Your workers simply must be exposed to adequate amounts of light throughout the workday. If they aren’t, their health and mental wellbeing can suffer.

This is why working with a Sydney office design company like Niche Projects is so important. We’ll help you optimise the layout and flow of your workplace, to boost productivity.

To discuss your Sydney office fit-out or office refurbishment, get in touch with Niche Projects here.