Office Design and Air-conditioning

The way an office is designed always has an effect on how efficient your air-conditioning is.

Moreover, the ventilation throughout your office can influence the health of your workers – either positively or negatively.

For instance, good ventilation can promote healthier staff, lower instances of absence due to illness, and higher levels of productivity.

On the other hand, poor ventilation can have a terrible effect. In fact, indoor air pollution is linked to asthma, strokes and allergies.

It can also cost your business financially.

For example, Australia, it’s estimated we lose a huge amount of labour each year due to excessive heat – this highlights the need for good quality air-conditioning and ventilation.

Here are some benefits of incorporating good office design and air-conditioning.

Better Ventilation

Quality design coupled with good air-conditioning will mean better ventilation throughout your office space.

You’ll see immense benefits for your staff when ventilation throughout your office is improved, through open plan offices and good placement of AC units.

This results in healthier and happier staff, and therefore an increase in productivity for your business.

It also greatly lessens the chance of health implications for your workers in the future, which can be linked back to poor ventilation in the office.

Optimal Temperature

The perfect temperature in the office has been a subject of much conjecture, for many years. The bottom line is, you can’t please everyone.

Research suggests that the ideal temperature sits around 22 to 24 degrees. For those who find this to be too cold or too warm, small desktop heaters or coolers are suggested.

To attain a balanced temperature throughout the office, it’s again important to consider airflow through the space, as well as the location of AC units.

This is all part of the office design process.

Moreover, the quality of AC units will also be a factor when it comes to effectively heating or cooling your office.

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