Selecting the Right Lighting for Your Office

Selecting the light fittings for your office is an important part of office design.

You have to take into consideration the needs of your staff and sustainability as well as the requirements of your budget.

Therefore, here are some prime considerations when it comes to selecting the lighting for your new office.

Save Energy

Every office should strive for sustainability, including through lighting.

Therefore, select lighting which conserves energy. This is without a doubt, LED lighting, which lasts more than 100 times longer than incandescent bulbs.

Moreover, they require far less power to operate and generate much less heat. LED bulbs are simply a must when designing your office.

Keep it Balanced

It’s important to keep the lighting balanced throughout your whole office.

In order to maintain a balanced lighting scheme, you’ll need to make sure that every light in the office has the same colour temperature.

If the lighting isn’t balanced, it can cause eyestrain for your staff.


Funky light fittings add another level of visual appeal to your office.

Moreover, adding colour and artistic shapes can inspire your staff and help to stimulate creativity at work.

Working with a professional office design company can help to boost creativity and innovation in your office, in a variety of ways.

Indirect Lighting

Your workers can suffer from eyestrain due to a combination of staring at a computer screen, as well as harsh, direct lighting.

Moreover, direct lighting can also contribute to headaches and lower productivity. The solution therefore, is indirect lighting.

For instance, utilising more lamps and different types of fixtures will help to reduce the amount of direct lighting in the office.

As Natural as Possible

It’s imperative that you utilise all of the natural light available.

Natural light not only saves your business money, but also has innumerable health benefits for your workers.

For instance, less cases of eyestrain, lower stress levels, improved levels of wellbeing and less instances of minor illness.

Making the most of natural light is a must.

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