Office Design in 2023: What Does the Future Hold?

Office design trends in Sydney and the world over are constantly evolving. New styles, ways of working, and research ensure that there is always a fresh take on the commercial workspace. But it can be challenging to predict coming trends… what will next year be like?

The bottom line is that it will be 2023, and people want to place the pandemic and lockdowns firmly in the past. However, no one can deny the ongoing impact this turbulent period has had on how we design our offices. 

But how much will that affect emerging office design trends in 2023? And what will the most popular trends be?

Quality lighting

New research on lighting in the office is being published every year and the results continually reinforce the need for high-quality lighting in the workplace. This study by Aalborg University in France showed that employees enjoyed having a level of control over the lighting in the office, and enjoyed lower light when natural light was flowing into the workspace.

What’s more, this study also confirmed that dynamic lighting, whereby the lighting is adjustable and aims to make the most of employee preferences and working areas, is most popular. Therefore, it’s clear that office workers aren’t satisfied with glaring, static lighting which cannot be adjusted to fit the time of day or working needs.

Going into 2023, we need to be mindful of these employee preferences, more so than ever. Workers will not (and shouldn’t have to) settle for an office that is poorly or harshly lit. Therefore, we expect quality lighting to be at the forefront of office design trends in 2023. 

A further note on lighting; eco-friendly options are important. Lighting is often a big consumer of energy in the office and therefore, you should always be looking at ways to reduce energy consumption. Doing so will create a more positive relationship with the environment, and keep dollars in your pocket.

Reducing our carbon footprint

Sustainability will forever be an essential aspect of every Sydney office design project. We’re more informed than ever about how to better care for the environment, so there are no excuses for a lack of eco-friendly practices in design and construction. While this is already a firmly established trend, we expect it to keep growing in 2023. 

There are plenty of ways to prioritise sustainability in Sydney office design. This includes more focus on the use of natural materials, elements such as lighting and airflow, and reducing consumption of energy. At Niche Projects, we pride ourselves on our understanding of sustainability and our ability to implement sustainable solutions in offices all over Sydney. 

We expect to keep doing so well into 2023 and beyond.

Employee wellness

The focus on employee wellbeing is increasing every single year, as it should be. The well-being of your people shouldn’t really be considered a trend, as it is entirely necessary to provide a working environment conducive to relaxed and happy employees. However, the trends that are associated with employee well-being, such as movement, stress reduction, and biophilia, will continue well into the future.

Designing an office for movement

This is not exactly a new idea, but it has gained more attention recently. We’re not talking about equipping your workspace with treadmill desks, either… but an office that promotes movement throughout the day. That may be a layout that encourages your people to put in a few more steps to reach the kitchen (while remaining user-friendly), or signage to compel them to go for a walk around the block. This type of movement is entirely necessary for workers who spend most of their time sitting at a desk.

Reducing stress in the office

It’s often often easier said than done, but clever design is key in creating a more relaxing space for your people. There are myriad distractions at work that cause stress, as well as several other factors. Some of these, of course, cannot be limited by design… but many can be. For instance, noise in the office causes plenty of stress, as well as distraction. Clever use of acoustics and partitions can ensure that this isn’t a problem in your space. Open plan design is also responsible for stressful workers, so finding a happy medium for your Sydney office fit-out is a must.

Biophilic design

This is a trend that has remained relevant for a few years now. Biophilia refers to the need for people to remain close and connected to nature. In terms of office design, this translates to more greenery in the workspace, as well as natural materials, colours, and easy access to quality outdoor spaces. Research shows that people who are close to plants while working are healthier, both physically and mentally, and are more productive. The use of materials such as timber and stone helps exacerbate these benefits, so consider that when designing your office in 2023.

We expect all three of these trends to be popular among businesses next year, so don’t get left behind.

Always improving communication… in person and remotely

Communication is a critical part of the workplace. If you and your people cannot communicate effectively, your business will no doubt be impacted. These days, there are far more remote workers than ever, so communication must also be as effective as possible both in-person and digitally. Excellent office design can aid communication, and we expect this to be an emerging trend well into 2023.

The layout of your office can make it much easier, or more difficult, for employees to communicate with each other. For example, partitions should be placed carefully, so that they block out noise but do not isolate individuals or teams. In the office, face-to-face communication is of the utmost importance. For your engagements with remote workers, ensure that your technology is up to date and meeting rooms are equipped for remote meetings.

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