Design a Sydney Office That People Want to Work In

Imagine an office that excites your people. They balance a couple of days each week at home with a few in the office… and those days, when they’re commuting into work, they’re actually excited to do so. This could be your workplace.

Designing an office that your people want to work is more than possible. And with the help of a professional Sydney office design and fit-out company, it’s likely. Here’s how you can design a Sydney office that your people want to be in.

Remind them of home

Many employees in Sydney have been spending a lot of time working at home, or remotely from other locations. The transition from working exclusively at home, to half and half (or entirely back in the office), can be a tough one for your employees. But there are ways to make this transition easier so that your people are more inclined to want to work in the office.

Homely office design is a growing trend, thanks to the impact of extended COVID lockdowns in Sydney, Melbourne and many other major urban areas. This kind of approach to office design aims to create a comfortable, homely environment for workers. The features that appear in workplaces utilising this trend include comfortable furniture, artwork, and quiet spaces with lower lighting.

The positive impact of homely office design has been proven, too. This study shows that working in an office environment that emulates home can boost productivity, reduce stress and increase happiness.

Always deliver a great user experience

The user-experience of your people always matters. They should enjoy the way they interact with the workspace, whether that’s physically, digitally or in some other manner. A good user-experience results in happier employees and a more relaxed work environment, while a poor user-experience means increased stress and frustration. That is not conducive to type of office that people will want to work in.

There are a number of elements of office design that UX methodologies can help with. For example, in-depth analysis using proven UX design frameworks can help to identiy problem-areas in your workplace, and particular processes that impact the way your people feel about the office. 

This may well prove to be something as simple as a chair… or something more complicated like the overall layout of your office space or an important program that your staff use each day. Speaking to your people directly, through surveys and other means, helps you keep your finger on the pulse and find out what’s working… and what isn’t.

A clear picture allows you to make the changes required to keep your people engaged in the workplace.

Cater to everyone

Everyone is different and therefore, everyone approaches work in a different manner. The environment that makes one person productive, may be distracting and frustrating for another staff member. For instance, some of your people may thrive in a loud, collaborative environment… while other require peace and quiet.

It’s crucial to get an idea of how the people in your organisation operate best. Not only will this help you to achieve higher leves of productivity at work, it will also ensure your people want to actually come into the office… and enjoy the experience of doing so. For example, if your workplace is constantly full of activity, loud discussions and music, staff who value peace and quiet are going to want to remain at home.

Delivering spaces for everyone in the office is tough, but if you do cater to all types, your people will benefit. You’ll also see more employees wanting to work in the office as opposed to at home. 

Dare to be different

The recent changes in work and design trends offer plenty of opportunities for businesses to change their approach to the workplace and their people. More and more companies are trying new things… and this is fantastic for the industry. It also benefits employees more than most organisations realise.

Essentially, you can try a range of different approaches in your office, to keep your people coming back. That may involve a splash of colour, more plants, entertainment areas and much more. So long as you understand the needs of your people, anything could work!

However, some approaches could negatively affect your people and their productivity. This is why it’s still critical to work with a professional design and fit-out company like Niche Projects. We’ll help guide you through your office refurbishment and ensure that you’re doing everything you can to provide a sensational space for your people.

Hire a professional Sydney office design company

At Niche Projects, we understand the ins and outs of office design. And that includes how to ensure your workplace is enticing for your people, and that’s a place where they enjoy spending time. Office design isn’t something that you should try and take on yourself; it takes a particular kind of experience and expertise to get the best results. And you deserve the best. 
Get in touch with Niche Projects today for exceptional Sydney office design solutions. We can’t wait to talk to you.