Top Tips to Refresh Your Sydney Office Space

Is your office space feeling a little tired? Employees uninspired, and clients unimpressed?

There’s a good chance that your business and your people will benefit greatly from a makeover or a refurbishment. But that doesn’t mean you’ll have to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a completely new fit-out. In fact, there are a number of actions you can take to refresh your office space, that won’t cost much at all.

At Niche Projects, we’ve helped plenty of businesses freshen up their Sydney office space and provided expert advice on a range of design aspects. We know exactly how to provide easy solutions to a tired office, without having to undergo a full-on refurbishment or office fit-out.

Here are some top tips on refreshing your Sydney office space.

Declutter your office

Every office will inevitably see a build up of some sort of waste and clutter. That might come in the form of paperwork and documents, old archiving boxes, used furniture, discarded computers and printers and much more. However, this type of waste will be impacting your workplace and your employees, more than you know.

Getting rid of this clutter can be a time-consuming process, which is why so many businesses don’t tackle the waste right away. This is where a professional Sydney rubbish removal company can work wonders. They’ll be able to come in and handle your office junk with ease, remove it quickly and safely and ensuring that your space is left sparkling clean.

Modify your layout

Has your office been laid out exactly the same way for many years? 

The way your workspace is laid out does have a big impact on the happiness and the productivity of your staff. If this layout hasn’t changed at all for a long time, there’s a good chance your people are absolutely sick of looking at it. What’s more, the layout itself may well be impacting the effectiveness of your staff.

Simply shifting desks and workstations, forming new pods and placing fresh partitions can have a wonderful effect on your office space. It can help keep your people productive and ensure that you’re maximising elements such as natural light, airflow and noise reduction.

And the whole process should take less than a day!

Instill some flexibility

Flexibility is a must these days, in any office space. We’ve learned over the past decade that providing a flexible working space comes with enormous benefits for employees and the business overall. Flexibility means different workspaces for different kinds of people, and promoting remote working (while remaining ‘plugged in’) where possible.

The associated benefits include:

  • Happier staff
  • More options for employees
  • Relaxed workforce
  • Better productivity
  • Lower overheads.

It’s quite easy to freshen up your office with a more flexible layout. Simply move furniture around to create some different working spaces (collaborative, quiet, creative etc) and ensure your meeting rooms and breakout rooms can cater for multiple uses. These easy actions will help ensure your office is a truly flexible workspace, without having to undergo a full refurbishment.


A fresh lick of paint can work wonders for any kind of workplace, including the office. And it doesn’t just have to be the same shade of white or cream that was already there in the first place. In fact, colour can have a fantastic impact on your employees, creating a more productive, creative and collaborative workplace.

We’re not saying you have to go crazy with colours, but selecting the right ones (even if that’s just for a feature wall), can be a great move. For example, red can instil energy into your staff and create a more active workplace, while blue is conducive to relaxation. Green provides balance, while yellow influences creativity, happiness and energy.

Pick the right colours when refreshing your office space and your employees will see the benefits.

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